VK Singh_the drop out of The Modistitute

Well how many times do you watch a barking dog keeping mute? Must be very few,isn’t it? Something similar is happening with a retired army chief whose demanour exceeds the mindset of a rotten egg. His name is General VK Singh-the former Minister Of State (independent charge) for the development of North East in the contemporary Union Government.Currently it seems he is less happy with only one department-that of a subordinate position to a ‘female’ minister in the department of External Affairs.

Perhaps this has forced him to make a mysogynistic,sexist remark about journalism and Arnab Goswami-the larger than life figure of Times Now‘s Super Primetime.But hold on.He is not in the “brothel” of controversies for the first time. He like the Uber Cab driver is a repeated offender. Well Mr. Modi in any case lacks the courage to speak on the important issues of the day. He is happy recovering the relics of mythology as pieces of scientific clarity. So he is going to keep quiet even this time.

The CBI must enquire the cook of 7,Race Course Road about why all residents of the palace give a mutish look as they occupy the highest post of importance. Swapan Dasgupta, a noted columnist today repented that the great work of Yemen evacuation under the General is not being applauded and shown in the media.Well of course he and his troops are not doing any favour for the country and its people.

But who actually are PRESSTITUTES? The word press means to exert pressure in a particular region.If the action occurs in any part of the body, then its directly related to carnal pleasures. As far as I know the MOS is married.So……..Whatever! 

There is another rather more simplified version. It says that the Indian Press or Media has been called a callgirl! At least Mr. Singh knows the object very well! Good to see the General’s pefrformance in the field of extra-curricular activities.

But after all how can being in Yemen be less exciting?There must be better looking girls at the site of evacuation than on the occasion of Pakistan Day Celebrations. Well honestly, I was not in either occassion present. So better practise verbal restraint.

But were media presstitutes when VK Singh gave wide interviews discussing in which year specifically his mother gave him birth-1950 or 1951? Well Wikipedia says 1951.So lets show modus vivendi to a website much more reliable than Naughty America.When he categorically expressed his displeasure at the elevation of General Suhag as the Army Chief, was the fraternity of journalism a symbol of presstitution?

When he alleged bureaucrats were against him, while he was an army chief for what reason did he vomit too much in front of what he calls presstitutes? He also wrote a letter to Manmohan Singh,the former PM asking for modrnization of ammunitions. Well the presstitutes gave coverage to his say.He also ridiculed Shekhar Gupta and branded him as a nutshell in an interview to Arnab.

General Shankar Prasad once said “just like history never pardoned Winston Churchill,just like that history won’t give respite to VK Singh.” Well, the man has surely made it to the league of Diggy and Ram  Jethmalani. The drop out from one ministry may also lead to the other-from the institute of Modistitute(no offences meant). I mean the institute or cabinet of Narendrabhai.

Till then stay calm and enjoy kam with p…..istitutes!