Smriti Irani: empty vessels rattle much….more

Deadlock,revulsion,incompetence,snobbery,arrogance,cryptic-these adjectives summarize how my Human Resource Development Minister has performed in the last one year.When the party with a “difference” talked about a rejuvinated,rebuilt India,we bought their arguments,we bought their views,we bought their oratory,and above all we cultured around Narendra Modi,who was a “chaiwala” challenging the quid-pro-quo and stereo-types plaguing the system for long. The charismatic Tulsi of “Kyunki……” fame presented herself as articulated,humble yet a challenger hard to suppress. Yes,she was the woman who excreted vile on the Vikaas Purush after Godhra,yet she cloaked no apprehensions about admitting her “mistake”. Her great affinity to the Gujarat CM gave her a Rajya Sabha seat. It gave her greater marketing as being Modi’s right hand woman.

Smriti Irani took upon herself as the sole challenger to Sushma Swaraj as the lead female in Modi’s cabinet. What came forward? A typical DNA of enfante horribilis.Both today may slip out of their respected jobs-one for breaching the lakshman-rekha of ethical wisdom,other for allegedly not even being standardized to view the Lakhshman-rekha. Education ministry in the last one year has shown many instances of immaturity and diverse prospects of being cowed down by elements of Nagpur. As the PM was busy giving what now seems to be idealistic, hollow,superficial oratory,the position of Smriti is said to have become untenable. The country definitely deserves a better educational advisor than the short sighted, myopic individual called Dinanath Batra. Incidentally as he preaches on his bigoted history lessons based on hard Hindutva,a modern lady with a past of being a finalist of the leading beauty pageant seems to absorb them with ease and cheese.

As  you saw Smriti Irani cavalcading the BJP attack on the Newshour, you felt the fire that this woman possesses in her belly. You could loath on her sharpness of mind,on the intensity of her political will.Still,she seems to garner utter disappointment. The woman who had the courage to speak up against zealotised Sanjay Nirupam,did not utter a word as Giriraj Singh sang his usual obsolete,nonsense and in particular racist rant against Sonia Gandhi. See the history of see-saws. This same woman stood in the Parliament against Sharad Yadav when he lambasted his innocuous knowledge on busty South Indian woman. No body stood to support her on the floor. When later asked about this indifference of her own Party members in the Parliament,Smriti dodged it off. ‘I am not a Political Cinderella’-she said

If my memory serves me right, in KBC 2nd Season Smriti Irani came with Sakshi Tanwar to play the Amitabh hosted show. There she spoke of how an astrologer through his panditgiri had earlier invalidated her dreams of becoming an actress. Almost a decade later, Smriti Irani went to see an astrologer who to believe the tabloish tone, had predicted one day the HRD Minister will become the head of the state of India-to put it more simply she would be the President of the country. Introducing Sanskrit in place of German seemed to serve little purpose as entire education structure stared at hypermetric funeral. The saffron bumchums for the time being had to retreat. The ego and blatant robbery of humbleness seemed another problem as Smriti went after the secretaries of her department. A senior official in the Government says”Smriti madam,does not allow the officials to settle down. She lectures the secretaries on what they should do and what they should restrain themselves from. She does not like being asked or interrogated”.Smriti Irani reportedly has changed half a dozen bureaucrats from her department.

Coming to lecture part. Even today after being in the political dispensation for 12 years,it seems uncertain which was the institution Smriti can adjudge the title of alma mater to?

“She studied up to class 12 at Holy Child Auxilium School and discontinued further education.[7][8] Irani has herself provided conflicting affidavits of her educational qualifications. In 2004, she submitted that she had obtained a graduate degree in Arts (B.A, 1996) from Delhi University (School of Correspondence); and in 2014, she submitted that she had completed a part of a graduate degree in Commerce (Part I B.Com, 1994) from Delhi University.[9] Furthermore, a leak from the School of Correspondence, as reported by a newspaper, claims that Irani had enrolled in 2013, but had not written her examination”-this is what Wikipedia says about her educational qualification which seems to crucify the Modi Government lately.

B.A and B.Com don’t really share a honeymoon. A commerce and an Arts Graduate may add well to the documentation of Curriculum Vitae, but twin-in one production is limited till now to ice creams only. School of correspondence also seems to gel rather uneasily with Smriti’s aura. Smriti Irani volatilised the situation to the hilt,when she lambasted about having a degree from Yale University. To believe my eternal vigilance,it was basically a crash course which not only Irani but a host of other MP’s went through in 2013. The leadership programme lasted for 6 days where Irani’s counterpart was TDP’s S Ramesh. Democracy and nuclear non-proliferation were reportedly the topics exercised.How happy would have been my mother had she known a degree is nowadays available from Yale in 6 days!Infact 11 politicians from national and regional political parties participated in the crash course.

Now a Delhi court has found merit in the entire mango pickle surrounding the minister. A case filed by Ahmer Khan,a freelance writer and represented by lawyer KK Manan were successful in patronising the first big setback for the Minister. The otherwise intrinsically frank Smriti, got carried away while being asked about her qualification. Madhu Kishwar,another controversial Modi enthusiast had difficulty in accepting Smriti Irani’s appointment.Well life is not always a Uday chopra film-sometimes applying logic is an obligation more than a necessity.

Author’s crisp thought-Smriti ji try something constructive,rather than only competing in Amethi with the Gandhi scion……..


zuban pe rakhe lagaam……

Well Giriraj seems to dominate the prime time debates-but for sure baying for the blood of Narendra Modi is like blaming Neil Armstrong for the Hiroshima-Nagasaki disaster.But the basic problem of sincerity of language perhaps is more intense than a Alia Bhatt-Sid Malhotra smooch in SOTY.Take for instance my native MP from West Bengal Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar.A true fighter in not so true sense-(i mean not WWE by the way).An alumnus of UK’s King’s College may well give her instantly a superior breed.Sambhu Mitra,the noted Bengali dramatist once scoffed at our Bengali demanour of rewarding the foreign certificates more than our own intellect.Tagore only received wide recognition after championing the Nobel Prize through his “Song Offerings” in 1913.Similarly Nandalal Bose the iconic painter of the 20th century repented the fact that paintings in India need to be pre certified by alien experts to get recognition in the native land.In any way,Miss Dastidar did not intend to check her tongue before branding the now deceased “Park Street rape victim” as a prostitute having arguments with her client.If that was not enough,not long ago did one of the most reverred actors of my native land threaten to rape CPIM cadres(its a different matter that this present MP said that he used the word “raid” and not “rape”. But supiciously the sales of the otolaryngologists did not increase a penny even when so many of us heard the wrong word!). Coming to the CPM who can forget Anil Bose or Binay Kongar? Anil Bose’s speech was perhaps the last nail in the coffin of the CPM in the 2011 disaster.He also branded the now Bengal CM as nothing but an escort. Well it seems fashionable nowadays to brand people as prostitutes!At least we should brag of the fact that we have so many brothel experts!I am not alone in this world it seems. And the sexist venom of the peasant leader Binay Kongar during the unnecessary Singur crescendo is perhaps an incarnation of our leaders’ mindset.Now coming to our “paltibaj” Netaji of UP whose double standards perhaps exceed the seesaws of Ekta Kapoorian daily soaps. He during the 2014 campaign once brought about a holocust of sorts by saying boys will be boys naturally giving them a license to rape.I am pretty sure Mulayam was a bit more influenced by Piggy Choops’ “why should boys have all the fun” advertise. Sri Prakash Jaiswal the foul mouthed former Congress minister commented that old wives loose their “maaza” with time. Well by no means Jaiswal ji did comment about his testerone levels.It would have been easier for us to share our remorse with him had he done so.But for me the worst offender is not Jaiswal,Pal,Dastidar,Yadavs or Khattars.It has to be Smriti Irani the champion of the so called women emancipation who dared to take on Sharad Yadav even when the present I&T Union Minister alike me could not control exposing his semi white teeth in the Rajya Sabha as bodies of South Indian women became the object of discussion in Parliament. Need I say that the same Iraniji has filed a case against Sanjay Nirupam after the latter accused her of dancing in the Television screens? But see the irony! The same HRD minister now flaunts a mute face in front of Times Now’s cameras when asked about Giriraj’s latest feat.Perhaps it is time for all the politicians to be in a permanent mute mode.As far as I know center fresh does not cost much…….