AAP-the bAAP of a Bastard-part 2


The stings have long been interlinked with the natural psychosis of AAP.Well even if Shazia is in her brother’s party now,she was caught in a sting in the pre 2013 Delhi elections.A video also showed her calling on Muslims to be “communal”.Now I am not a conspiracy theorist like RK Dhawan,the personal assistant of Indira Gandhi in the 70’s.Well for newbies,there is more to “Dhawanism” than David,Varun and “Gabbar”!But judging the present circumstance of sabotages in the new bloom, Shazia may well have been a target of a wider conspiracy.Yogendra Yadav tweeted a few days back                                           

“Na todenge na chodenge,

Sudhrenge aur Sudharenge”

(neither will we break nor will we leave,will improve and make improvement). But when in itself the “idea of AAP” which the rebels talk of today takes education from IIN what really can you say! Arvind and Anna could really have been twins.The double standards easily flaunted by the iron man of Ralegan Siddhi and his once charioteer “Sanjay of the great epic” Kejriwal is only matched by “Netaji” of UP. Anna citing health reasons failed to attend Mamata Banerjee’s meeting of a meagre 400 heads.Categorically the old man branded the Bengal CM as a clean leader,invariably a jehadi against corruption.Well, even Madan Mitra may well not be able to digest this goof!

Anna fearlessly declared that no political leaders will be allowed in his manch against Modi Government’s much hyped land bill.Magar dekhiye rajneeti ka rang! Arvind was seen sharing the stage with Anna moments later! Honesty once against lost his father.

Why should Kejriwal be far behind Ussain Bolt? When branded as Aam Aadmi, he prefers to fly economic class!In his interview to Sudhir Chaudhary his notion of being a  common man changes.He says that even a rich man leading an honest life is an Aam Admi.Applying that logic poor people living in ghettos and slums who are forced to pay bribes are criminals? Honesty hounded once more. 

The so called “hope” is seen giving kicks to the rebel duo on the phone.Honesty anyone?The so called propagator of honest politics indulges in poaching MLAs from Congress to join his party authorizing what Subramanian Swamy and Ajay Maken said long back.Honesty? Bouncers being used allegedly against the dissenters.Embarking honesty?

Ashish Khetan,the former journalist who exposed snoopgate today has to defend Kejriwal’s horsetrading. Medha Patkar of the Narmada Bachao Andolan fame and Anjali Damania have quit the party which promised decentralisation of power. The coterie in Delhi will take decisions of its own and will capitalize the future. The stung Arvind today has lost the ground of morality.Today when the self inducted Lokpal is impeached on ambiguous grounds,its sure to proclaim the birth of a Stalinist democracy.Hitler made the German Parliament Reichstag ceremonial. Indra Kumar made the story of Grand Masti titular.Prateik Babbar made acting substanceless.Sonakshi Sinha made the question of Kgs weightless.Arvind bhai,the IITian has made farce of Newton’s third law of motion.There is inside a lot of action,but the reaction is not equal but redundant.Vinod Mehta,the late “Editor of Editors” last year after Arvind resignation marked it as “end of hope”.I will add-end of hope for honesty.A man who discards support of the call girl-Shahi Imam talks vehemently about 3 Muslim MLAs and their prospectus of joining their party.

AAP may perform well in governance without resigning once again. But the moral USP of honesty that the safed topi bragged of stands victimized.Imandari today is a bastard. The Father has lost authority over his son today.Hence AAP today is the baap of a parentless endeavour to clean the filth of the political drain….