eh ganpat chal daru laa….

The naysayers may agree,others may not-but the Salman Khan verdict perhaps opens newer bylanes to measure the barometer of justice.The parole of Sanju Baba agreed to minimum difference between the Fadnavis and Chavan rule.The momentum of justice has always produced a sense of dismay,especially for the common man who has to stand up in long queues to get a mild reminder of the next hearing.

Justice is a term of relation and relativity.The popular will or hunger for participaton may well sum up the trajectory of democracy.But the system in place provides little respite to make the idealist term more sacrosanct.A lawyer like Harish Salve has the record of defending heavyweights like Jayalalithaa,the Ambani brothers and Ratan Tata.I would harshly respect the view of Bollywood in this moment of crisis.Did not Dr. Prannoy Roy defend Barkha Dutt in the Nira Radia tapes?

The TOI group to great mayhem defended their indefensible but realistic remarks on Piku’s cleavage.Well,I am not promoting the film but demoting the irony of ultra idealism.Ajmal Amir Kasab was given every benefit of the legal procedures though there was never an iorta of confusion in the public or intellect eye about his role in the mass massacre.

The insensitivity being shown to the victims is by and large the biggest sense of irresponsibility that the system and its DNA can hardly imply.Racial aparatheid and justice defined the legal system of the British.Under the viceroyalty of Northbrook, in 1871 a law was enacted which took away the right of Indian judges to nullify the white skinned.In 1883 A.D,under the viceroyalty of a more liberal Ripon,this discriminatory act was intended to be done away with.

Sir Ilbert was given the task of concluding the works of the bill which came to be known as the Ilbert Bill of 1883.The civilized,well mannered whites were not ready to deal with a changed law of lesser priviledge.The exact notion of law is blind proved even then to be more of a farce than that of objectivity.The natural law of Darwin’s Survival Of the Fittest may have been showcased rather crudely by Abhijeet,whose  five minutes of fame did increase its length by a hundred hours.

The idea of justice seems to be little perpexing when Sita has to go for an agnipariksha just because of the typical male hormonal suspicion that she might have had sex with a more macho Raavana.The tearing of breasts by Hanuman is least scientific,but most idealist.However the monkey God does little justice to the baton of Non Violence by burning Lanka.

Today,there have always been examples which have given befitting replies to the powerful and muscular.Lalu Yadav,Jayalalithaa,Om Prakash Chautala,Sreesanth had to face the wrath of the law directly or indirectly.The perception of justice is a complicated one.The media hyper scrutiny never made a celeb case an ordinary one.The tag of speciality gives more weightage to Sunny Leone than Anu Aggarwal as an adult entertainer.

The Vodafone case acclaimed Harish Salve and the Narimans or Jethmalanis have ever been a subject far away from the common man’s perspective.The justification of manipulative justice wrests more on the palms of the judiciary than that of Salman Khan.If i have the advantage,I will take it-will say the powerful.But,it also displeases the real idea of justice and that of equality tabled in our Constitution.

Even Nehru by bringing in an amendment to Article 19 wanted to subvert the merits of journalistic integrity and presstitutional freedom.The idea of justice also hangs in shame as eunchs still face awkward public scrutiny while they walk or talk. The collision of hands sometimes is hardly beneficial in bringing about tremors.The idea of religious ethos and that of freedom of religion did hardly evangelize the idea of justice when non Muslims were compelled to pay jiziya.

The case of advantages and disadvantages are taken by every man-consciously or sub consciously.The glorification of the fact that justice nods to the direction of the wealthy is true and to some extent inevitable in the era of below the table deals.The idea of justice is a smokescreen created to fly the belief of principles,but overtaken by that of reality.Ganpat’s daru and the invisible nexus of the powerful only shows the basic human instinct of khud bachega to baap ko bachayega………