Opinionated Shourie causes ire…….

A Hindi proverb declares

haati chaale bazaar,to kutta bhauke hazaar……..

But will you call this the snobbish demanour of the elephant an act of great calculative blunder or the nawabi chal,which still makes Akbar or Indira a much more reverred figure than what they really were.The ruling cliche have always had the upper hand in reaping benefits out of the sight for the aam aadmi.Not coincidentally,such an amalgam of arrogance blended with dutifulness bended Meenakshi Lekhi to boom indirectly pointing at the commoner.”What may be a luxury to you is a necessity for us.” She said

Arnab Goswami was quick to cut through the adamance as he yelled at the New Delhi MP in her absence.Well viewers may well better judge the arrogance of the channel which boasts of the number of tweets it can trend and how only 50% of the total news media is shared by the smaller English News Channels. 

Arun Shourie,the former Minister for Telecommunications and Information Technology has served with displeasure the attitude of the current Government in an interview to the newstrader Karan Thapar.But the perceptions of such displeasure has been echoing in and out of the party from 2013 onwards.The Land Bill was an unwise move,indicated Arun.

The miraculous rise of a Chief Minister of a state to that of the chief executive of the country drew the ire of patriarchs like Lal Krishna Advani.Murli Manohar Joshi,the architect to saffronise Indian education in the previous NDA Government was left scribbling in the Margdarshak Committee which to my best knowledge has never met even for 5 minutes till date.

The Outlook in 2014 reported that Arun Shourie was campaigning in Delhi to get a ministerial berth.However angry Shouurie forced the weekly to apologise.So has the dissidence been born out of dissatisfaction? Possibly and probably no.

Shourie invited trouble for the saffron brigade when he claimed in a television interview that he was replaced by Venkaiah Naidu as the chief speaker in Pariament for the BJP so that his party could take a stand cordial to the lines of   the Ambanis in the budget session.Just like now,Shourie was heavily shooted at by the top brass of the BJP and his allegations were declared null and void.

Arun even goes on to suggest that the party now is under the sculpture of Jaitley,Shah and Modi.The man in his frank tongue also reflects the Delhi drubbing that the BJP faced winning less than 5% of the assembly seats.However Shourie does say that he still believes Modi is the go to man to lead India.

Propagandist measures like gharwapsi have been dismissed by a section of the BJP while the Home Minister has showed how passively he can avoid an active question.Shourie lamented how a 86 year old and a greatly admired civil servant like Julio Rebeiro is feeling like a stranger in his own country.The fringe elements are a cause of concern to the integrity of the nation,which Shourie directly placed on his list of cannons.

Despondency and arrogance are often directly proportional to each other.The sense of vacuum created by despondency can emerge as a mutiny later on.1857 was not a year of marigold and blossoms even for the powerful,techinically well engineered British……….