The Geelani dilemma and the Namo Compromise…

The AFSPA and Article 370 presented to some extent the antipodal ideologies which surround the demeanour of Amit Shah and Mehbooba Mufti. The cause of Kashmiri nationalism has a troubled past with the first Prime Minister playing an irresponsible role of sorts. Nehru it seems was too much inclined to buy himself a name when he himself participated in the Kashmir dispute-a digression from the rulebook. As,Sardar Patel played a pivotal role in integrating the entire country, the sensitive part of the north western frontier was left to the romantic, idealist and to some extent anglicised Motilal scion.

The change which was brought early this year as backroom negotiations under Ram Madhav finalised the bridge between the Hindu driven Jammu and Muslim driven Kashmir. But, the silver lining of such liberalism stood more as an incarnation of opportunism and power rather than inclusivity. The deal sealed between the two parties with absolutely opposite world views was great for photo ops.But just having sex does not necessarily bring platonic love.

The 3 month stand between the two parties is just a rude example of how blatantly power hungry the BJP has been.There was a certain grey bearded bachelor called Narendra Modi who called Kejriwal,an agent of Pakistan when the now side-lined Prashant Bhushan advocated for a Kashmiri referendum. But the same PM also called for the debate on Article 370.What unfortunately we see now is a quid pro quo vision shared by the Muftis and the Jitendra Singhs.The MOS with an absolute nonsensical view said that the deliberations on Article 370 has started. The Media furore against it was justified.

The traditional left leaning journalists suspected the right wing authoritative lurch which may succeed such a statement.But what was seen was not only unacceptable to the hardliners in the BJP,but was also satisfying for the anti nationalist elements breeding freely. The waving of Pakistani flags even yesterday was disturbing enough.It does suggest how the situation has exceeded the volatile situation half a decade back.The release of Masarat Alam during The Union Controlled Governor rule has further shown how miscalculative the trimurty of this Government had been.

The issue of Visa somewhat challenges national interest over humanity. What will a separatist do?-hold on to the principles of his life of being anti Indian or backtrack to visit his ailing daughter.The Indian Government has an opportunity of catching the separatist throat and reaffirm its faith towards making the almost defunct Shimla Agreement better equipped.#Patriotismforpassport is a social media trend today.For now atleast, the PM’s long visits can wait.