the hue and the cry………365 days(the Beginning)

The expectations of the people climbed up the ladder post the 2014 elections.The long drawn battle between a stereo typed Congress and a jubilant BJP had sealed the fate of the elections long back. Rajdeep Sardesai,the then Editor-in-Chief of the IBN Network had commenced the Election Tracker as early as July,2013 itself.Though it gave a slight edge of the NDA over the UPA,the rise of a third front seemed imminent.But the equations saw a rapid change as the chant for Modi was looming large on the BJP National Executive.

Troubled letters from the patriarch Advani and discontent shown by miniature coterie of yesteryear stalwarts and PM aspirants failed to stop the juggernaut that had already started rolling.The rest as they say is history. The empowerment of Modi as the chief of the election campaign and later in September as the Presidential candidate in a Parliamentary election brought out the best of the energy of the Gujarat CM with the riots being completely overshadowed by the charisma and enigma surrounding his oratory and punchlines hard to forget.

But that was the rhetoric of the elections.Now after spending 365 days under the rule of what Diggy Singh and Journo Kumar Ketkar(a habituated Modi Basher) call a N.R.I PM,one over the wallet can profess satisfaction to a great level.There is a certain perception that something at least is being done to empower and publicize the brand of India.Well India Shining was a similar brand built on the impulses of an young,aspirant India. Pramod Mahajan,at that point of time was the second in command to Vajpayee in many ways.

Nitish Kumar in an interview said

“The only time I was overconfident in winning elections was in 2004.Pramod Mahajan took me to a room.There was the technically superior components handling the elections of a globalised India.”

But history proved otherwise. The NDA faced a shock defeat with Vajpayee putting the blame squarely on Modi for the loss.So hype and PR exercises can also be detrimental for a public figure.This is something that Modi should be vigilant about in the future.The great number of MOUs being signed with foreign countries to me is a positive change.At last the people of this country feel,that they don’t have a lame duck government.But hysteria and hype many a times are shortlived.The astounding victory and the shock defeat of Indira Gandhi in 1972 and 1977 prove that.Hope the Prime Minister excludes such tendency,in case they prop up…..