the basics of dialectics……..

The century old Marxian values talks about the notion of dialectics.The changeabiity of the society is a far more natural phenomenon than John Cena’s short pants.In fact through out years of declining Comradism,one tenet that has stood out of the rubble of socialism is that of dialectics.The ever changing world,one of the most intriguing aspects of Hegelian philosophy infused the ideal of a fast and furious world centuries back.

The advancements of medical sciences is just a correct exhibition of the ramifications of a dynamic world.When the UNO gives specific recognition to yoga,that also showcases a glimpse of the scoot of orthodox western mindset-a patronising one world outlook.The puja pandals of Kolkata show a marked shift creating a debate of sahebiyaana vs Bongis.

I have great reservations with the limited view of the revolutionaries,thawrting their analogy of dictatorship of the Proletariat.The simplification of a complex world may be great for readers and laymen alike,but even taking a stance against Brett Lee bowling is better said than done.The nature of revolutionarism has faced severe high range earthquakes and rather has been demystified now into a ‘neo’ form.

The Chinese reforms of 1979 is just a sound view to assist the changing nature of human and extra human world.The brainless,sometimes childish and frequently blooming excess idealism turned Calcutta into a hotpotato in the seventies of the predecessor century.Maoism itself underwent multiple surgeries leaving it practically ampituated.

The Deng model,a term which Chinese intellectuals saw and the commoners felt built in the Chinese Dragon to rise a double digit growth for three decades.The nature of hyper growth from the ramshakals of subordinate treatises like Nanking(1842) and Bogue(1843) also represents the velocity which a ticking time possesses.

Dialectism and the cycle of life is not incongruent or semi consistant like Dinesh Karthik’s form.Renewable sources of energy which many including our Prime Minister have indicated as a churning of the future shares the provision of dialectics.The recycling of wastes still stands in sharp contrast to the ‘use and throw’ attitude which the celebs and fashion police have towards clothes and accessories.

So is dialectics not a utensil for the upper middle class and the elite? But the change of life,the coalition of minds and influences from the exterior impact the world over.Celebs are less alien than rocket tablets.They also feed from the same crust that has made mankind,human and a bit improved alien in the ecosystem.So that thought is going through seashift.

So it is less flattering for us to see stars participating in keep green and Swaach Bharat Abhiyan and not only in showbizes.Well we can at least hope they are not doing it out from some self centered interest,as Mahi(Kareena Kapoor) did in the film Heroine.The social media today has made the stars much more accessible than what was possible even half a decade book.

Contradictions,coalitions and collisions only makes oneself stronger and possibly for the better.Gayness is not the ultimate say,rather it is a premiere whose interval is not quite known.Nothing is immune from changeability.

So,dialectics is not only pee in waiting,but also the stepping stone towards the reconsumption of water.As Morphy’s law correctly concludes whatever can happen will happen……..