Vote and veto-the inner meaning of a democracy

Public participation and political equality-these were the two determinants of a participatory democracy authored by the forefathers. But the Constituent Assembly which turned the tide of firangiraaj itself was nothing less than a semi autocratic body. The Assembly which was the custodian for the making and unmaking of the country’s future was over dominated by the law prescriptioners.

Indians generally express angst against two things nowadays-on the exposure of rigid mentality in India’s Daughter and on the character of lawyers.Well,till the time Kapil Sibal fight cases for Mamata,you can’t count them as unjustified.14% of the population voted in electing the members of the supreme constitution making body.

Unfortunately,it were the members of Nehru’s party who advocated for a Constituent Assembly based on universal adult franchise. The people who nowadays blame Narendrabhai for not keeping the promise of getting black money back must also turn their heads a bit.

So the fate of a democracy was upheld by a minority coterie of representatives led by the future head of state,Rajendra Prasad.These people including Babasaheb Ambedkar could not really claim the confidence of the people.The cause of democracy championed now by the party of the Emergency seems to be like Yo Yo Honey Singh advocating for making ghazals compulsory in Sunny Leone songs.

The democracy we live in today also benefits little to the masses who land in long lines for the sake of solving their cases.Sajid Khan may make four more sequels of Humshakals,but the matter of Singur will still hang at the footnotes of law.Kishoreda may date a thousand more girls,but still sakshi maharaj will stay a bachelor!

What Sanjay Raut said today is offensive not from the view of liberals,but from the outlook of justice.Vetoing the mechanism of popular sovereignty has always been the order of the day. So why deny the rights of a paarticular religiious community? For the sake of uniform code lets commence a Tsarist rule.As Bal Thackeray once said, people only matter before elections,not after.So lets convert this country of Bose,Nehru and Gandhi to that of Hitlerian dictatorship!

Jay Maharashtra!

Shobha De zindabaad!