“Swamy & enemies”

The Congress Party is in a state of irreversible decline. This is the moot story one can hear in the lanes and bylanes of political grapevine. 

One can surely understand the condition of the party from a series of electoral setbacks and the Agusta Kickbacks have only legitimised the party’s ill famed mirage of corruption.

But the people by now are tired hearing of corruption as all political parties are brazenly involved neck deep in money laundering and other illegal as well immoral practises.

And the Congress Party is standing on the Dead Cliff. So even the people have no reason to stand  ‘wide jawed’ after hearing the allegations. The former Union Defence Minister has agreed to the fact that there was corruption in the #VVIPchopperScam.

And the BJP has chosen the right time and the apt person in its quest to bay for the Gandhis’ blood. The redoubtable Subramanian Swamy is more a mischief maker and has seldom made any headway in putting opposition political figures behind bars.

He failed to implicate  Chidambaram. The Gandhis for the time being can breathe a sigh of relief in the National Herald case. His truly ‘rubbish'(a word he uses frequently) remarks trying to draw a connection between Aamir Khan and other terror organizations give me enough reason to believe he is nothing more than a crackpot.

But he has been able to catch the pulse of the nation and the Mediagenic audience is making the most of Swamy’s gregariousness. The fall of the Gandhis from the citadel of infallibility has even forced the Swami haters to rally behind him for a common cause.

The Social media is the backyard  of the Right. And even trivial or fake information attacking the Gandhis and the Congress Party is going on the rounds. Many have cried foul mainly invoking the memories of media trial.

But there is a reason. For the last  seven decades, an inaccessible political family is suddenly being treated as a common entity, not a elitist one. The supra constitutional value of a family has now been devalued.

The fight of the Gandhis now is like the battle of any family trying to rinse off the stain. Their success or failure will decide the future course of Indian politics.

Till then like many others try to watch Rajya Sabha TV which recently has seen a jump of 900% in TRPs whenenever Swamy has fired his “unparliamentary” canons. News Channels are reaping windfall profits, the audience is getting entertained, those whose boredom compelled them to watch Sasha Grey in Parliament are sitting upright. Vigilance at last has returned. So Who complains?


Land and ordinance-the moment lacking definition

The Narendra Modi Government completed a splendid three nation tour a few days back.But in the world of agriculturalists,the tug of war on the Land Bill ordinance has created quite a furore.The momentary exhibition of the Politician called Rahul Gandhi is something the nation can be grateful for.

The jingoism of Kisan ka dard has been always used as an ideal edible in the traditional outset..The massive import of investments seen by the Prime Minister’s visit in Canada can make open minded Indians a bit more optimistic.However the FICCI has already showcased more impatience than a groom in the suhagraat.

Ratan Tata,himself a victim of the political onslaught regarding land and farmer rights has preferred to give more time to the Modi government.The grudge of the Congress on the devaluation of the rights of the more vulnerable section of the society reveals the lack of any introspection which allegedly Rahul searched for almost 2 months.

Diggy Singh once defined the Congress Party as a liberal,outwardlooking,modernist party.Anand Sharma,the UPA’s Minister of Industry and Commerce tried to bring all the parties in the hatchet,in support of FDI in retail.Call it an accident or sheer intension of opposing for the sake of opposition,the BJP revived the ideas of swaraj and swadeshi at that point of time.

The Congress just seems to replicate the role with great affirmation.The party which spearheaded the reforms of 1991 seems to fall back in the ages of regressive economy.The country is today harbouring a skilled but jobless workforce with unemplyment rates touching nearly 5%.

The Congress programme for inclusive development always focussed on progress for all sections of the society.The usp of the party of such inclusivity was cleverly usurped by Modi who gave the nada(slogan) of saabka saath saabka vikaas.The lack of lustre of the inclusivity of the Party was pre emminent when a jibe of Rahul Gandhi forced the Congress to widhdraw the ordinance which would have given Laloo a right to win a seat in the Lok Sabha.MMS and RaGa were possibly not on the same pillar of strength.Inclusivity?

The Land Bill of Jairam Ramesh was neither here nor there.As Singur has proved,that the opinion of semi literate people may very easily be manipulated without taking into consideration the general functionability of the step on the long run.With practicability being the ultimate determinant of general growth,harping on the values of unionism and satygraha are nothing but factors of an utopian reverie.

The 80% factor seems poised to play the spoiler,if the current logjam of indifferent political parties carry on the drama of obstructionism-an ideology mainly born in the post Nehru period.The Left should not have been so deterministic in its approach to the bill.The Singur acquirement would not only receive legal sanction but will also help a party of white hairs to take a more pragmatic stand.

But even the stand of Congress State Governments have been less than uniform.Hooda’s Haryana,Gogoi’s Assam,Virbhadra’s Himachal have presented their view that the consent clause should be brought down to 50% to 80%.The former Congress ruled Maharashtra as well as Kerala,Karnataka and Manipur had advocated for resticting the consent clause only for large projects.Inclusivity anyone?

The Jairam Ramesh bill may have dealt with ethical laws with utmost high handedness,but the utilising capability of the economy cannot be dealt with morality.Even the Mahatma who practised celibacy to commemorate ethical values did not show an iorta of morality to Subhas Bose in 1939.

The act in its present form(of the Congress) says that consent of 80% of the people who are dependent on the land concerned should be taken into account.I really am a bit disillusioned about how many people are asked for their views before promoters and contractors suddenly lift a flat on the field which till a few days back were playing fields for children.

Besides,the Congress passed bill provides not enough subways about the rehabilitation and resettlement of the evicted.The current government lays down regulation on the issue.Giving compensations to all the people including the landowners not only makes the bill paralysed but actually makes it rigid and inflexible to suit to the changing environment.

This moment of controversy is not only unwarranted but seems to portray a wrestling match where about a dozen parties take on the 56 inch ka chaati.Now will the climax  end like a hearty fight in hardcore porn or will India see another wrestlemania?Well,for that we better watch the ramifications the political spectrm offers!In any way the lack of definition this episode offers may make one intrigued for sure……….