Lolita, ask ‘her’ to leave today

See I want to permanently return to Kolkata after 2 years. And if Didi is still the Chief Minister, I shudder to believe what will be the consequences. Bengalis are known to lateback, their dna is full of indolence but brains morphed with politics.

The intellectual class mostly believes she is unbearable. True she is. Though I necessarily never subscribe to the propaganda of the ABP- Mamata has creates her own pitfalls. 

Bengalis have a rich past, a rich present and a hopefully a bright future. But what if talented Bengalis help a Maharashtra or a Karnataka increase its GDP as their home state lie high and dry?

In a recent interview in an election rally in Kolkata, she was being quizzed by the NDTV triumvirate- Shekhar Gupta, Dorab Sopariwala and the Probashi thespian Prannoy Roy. There was no connect between the questions thrown and the answers given.

The situation appears morbidly grim as most political commentators are clueless about the choice of the voters this time around. There is no clear cut picture which has led Mamata lose her senses altogether.

A Chief Minister must at least show grace even if she fails to qualify as a bhadromohila by middle class standards. A question was asked about the prospects of the BJP in these elections. But she in return talked about the ‘nuisance'(a word she is in love with it seems as she repeated it half a dozen times) of the Election Commission and the BJP government at the centre.

She has always been whimsical- a reason why the educated middle class never took her seriously. A polemical view of her administrative skills while she was the Railways minister today has fallen flat on the face. Mention I must, the facade of her great administrative skills was a manufactured product of the media only.

Jobs cannot be created by the brethrens of extortionists, by the partners of those who believe in the departmentalazation of bribery- from the Chokdas to the top notch ministers.

She dreamt of making Kolkata, an alter ego of London. What in return she has given the city is the worst example of colonial slavery. A highly discernible copy of Big Ben stands near New Town. Madame Tussauds has opened its office in the city only to reincarnate the Chief Minister’s idol.

The Left-Congress will go down in history as an awkward pair who tried to re-establish what vulnerability and fear can do to political parties. But who knows this is the best chance Bengal has in its path of revival.

Bengal must own up the model thrown by South Indian states where anti incumbency becomes so extreme every 5 years that a poriborton seems imminent.

The myth that a government with a huge mandate can guarantee political stability has not stood the test of time. The Left till 2011 had quite a comfortable majority. But the 3.5 decades of left rule saw infinite political deaths which cannot be chroniclised factually.

Who knows perhaps, a government with a slender majority, with a tight noose will face the greater pressure to deliver. As Kerala according to many has achieved stupendous success under Chandy, because the Congress was just past the halfway mark in the Legislative Assembly.

Till then lets hope, the new government can arrest this brain drain- otherwise the student speacials to Pune or Hyderabad or Bengaluru will not stop.  


Mamata-an enigma

The intellectual class has forbidden her English vocabulary.Her Santhali face disqualifies her from becoming Reita Faria or Sushmita Sen. Her saree is 1/10th the price of Maria Sharapova’s lingering short skirts. Yet,her popularity seems to surpass the self sensuous video of Shilpa Shukla in the film B.A Pass. The elitist Bengalis have rarely or rather never allowed a semi anglo-articulative mass politician as its Chief Minister. If the English medium grapevines like me ever gets to know Didi’s superfluous English skills,they will burst into laughter.No doubt, her memes and comic videos on Youtube give a serious competition to the father of a dozen in Bihar.

the ageless,quintessential fighter
 Author’s crisp thought:Confess,as I must-I have never been an admirer or fan of the present Chief Minister. Many a times I have somehow endured the anger I have on her for being grossly intolerant to criticism.

The eyes of a human being portrays one’s inner self. Perhaps,it also justifies the cocoon he or she is trying to camouflage. But,when you see her on television or as she marches past with F1 speed repeatedly talking to a score in the mince of a second,those eyes portray the emotion,the anger and the vigilance with which the indolent Bengali seldom identifies. Confess,as I must-I have never been an admirer or fan of the present Chief Minister. Many a times I have somehow endured the anger I have on her for being grossly intolerant to criticism.

Her dictum on whether to watch ABP or 24 Ghanta betrays the modicum of minimum intelligence.Still,I seem to fall for this woman.Before you think of diving into the romantic vodka,let me reaffirm the spectrum is not a platonic one. Politicians as I have said in my earlier blogs make lesser sense than Rakhi Sawant at times. So to crucify Mamata also suggests that we should not allow our N.R.I Prime Minister to scot free. The hashtag of #Despitebeingawoman is just a showcase template of why and how.

Author's crisp thought:
Author’s crisp thought: Hopefully if you log onto google images you will get some more to laugh at!

The ever ecstatic image of hawai chappals clad Mamata walking from Raj Bhawan to Writers will for the time being not fade from the public memory though the latter has a reputation to suffer from short time memory loss. The defeat of Somnath Chatterjee in the 1984 wave elections from Jadavpur may only be accorded to the Indira death. But seldom has a death given birth to an enigma,a phenomenon and a quintessential controversy addict.

The power of the media according to me is a bit or rather greatly exaggerated. To quote Vinod Mehta,the self proclaimed pseudo secular may be apt. On the 10th anniversary of the weekly magazine Outlook, Mehta propsed”Why do the politicians fear us so much? We are only a bunch of boys and gals……”  The Ananda Bazaar Patrika and it confectioneries seem to take the responsibility upon themselves to unseat a four year old Chief Minister.Should I say they failed? No. Should I say they succumbed? Yes of course and very badly did they perish in constructing their propaganda.

Author's crisp thought: the hey days of Mamata's  physique.One thing you must notice -both Anushka Sharma and Didi seems to grow some extra flesh in their chin.....
Author’s crisp thought: the hey days of Mamata’s physique.One thing you must notice -both Anushka Sharma and Didi seems to grow some extra flesh in their chin…..

The ultimate view of political ultimatums still portrays the Bong CM as a cosmopolitan. Someone,who can ask for money from the Union on the account of diminishing coffers.Someone,who can then award SRK and Co. gold chains for their emphatic sea voyage to Greenland and the Antarctic. Someone,who likes to bring commercial superstars to a traditional “art” house cinema driven KIFF(the film festival). Someone who exposes her wisdom on Tagore and Nazrul and then can sharply imply on her ability to control goons.goons. Thats Mamata,though controversial,yet eternal…….