How Kejriwal has defeated a cancer!!


RaGa described it as a cancer hard to cure.But somehow the deadly disease has stared to subside in the national capital as Arvind Kejriwal to some extent has proven that corruption can be controlled if u have the will. The soldier of the Aam Aadmi,as his fanatics tend to describe him as now at least seems to control the basic usp of the party still to be lost.The haftas and the bribes have stooped if not eliminated.The unholy nexus which many a times ties the knot between the power cluthes and the offcials create an unpleasant experience when you and I go to the officials for work.

The sensationalism and the hype being garnered to cut the hands of the Delhi Chief Minister is a stand not without reason.I deeply have great reservations about the clothes he wears and the muffler he bears,but a style statement as less costly as his can easily impress the expensive suit of the Prime Minister.But the helpline number seem to create a fear where even addicted officials are vowing for a deaddiction cause.The idea of swaraj budget may hold particular significance in the realms of the utopian world,but the basics of reality defies the stereo-typed reaction.

The recent case of Kejriwal’s daughter applying for a driving license only furnishes the fact how the age old norm of is undergoing a change of sorts.The eyes of the officials being directed to one’s cell phones only reinstates how a tough rod can eliminate the excruciating pain created by years of complete mismanagement. A person who bids goodbye to the luxurious life with great power as that of a civil servant,just look forward to a blind,obscure future deserves appreciation.A Naxalite called AK-49 has defied every standard rule the game offers.Narendra Modi once scoffed at the disproportionate coverage being given to Arvind Kejriwal.He asked a renowned editor “Will you give the same coverage to any other Chief Minister?”

What we tend to forget is,the situation under which a new born party less than 5 years old could spring a blinder for the entire political dispensation to envy at.The Jan Lokpal movement and its aftermath prepared the Congress in a way to ascertain its orbituary.The Anna-Kejriwal below the table face off and the rapt media attention it received also shows the after effects and side effects to be a pie in the media’s eye. The century old method of extremism and moderatism has somehow achieved a meeting ground with the arrival of the AAP.

The AAP model of Governance has somehow showed a spark of success in the city state of Delhi.But its methodology of anarchist politics and policies needs to be examined by the media-the watchdogs of the society. The recent phenomenon where India is not under obligation to vote for a political party as their true slaves has garnered this pace of competitive politics.The real accountability is derived from the power of the people.And the courage Delhi has showed in bringing about that drastic step of change is commendable.The political circus carries on…..