“BAN”d baaja……….

Hopeless as it may seem,but surely the antiques of the Sangh Parivar is running high.With least respect to minimum democracy we are fast becoming a country of control(except sexual misbehaviour!) or more specifically a Communist State.A dynamic Brahmin(no segregationist thought please!) took the position at the helm of affairs of one of the most urbanized states of the land.But the approach of Devendra Fadnavis is far from being what to expect from a CM in his 40’s. Nagpur is not only known to be the auxillary capital of Maharashtra where the winter session of the State Assembly fructifies,it is also known to be the belly of the RSS.Not mentioning the delicious food of the city which is incidentally behind the growth of fatty acids in Nitin Gadkari’s body! Hence we can all feel from where did the pressure come from! Well conspirators also suggest a strict BJPian gameplan behind the entire crescendo.Asaduddin Owaisi and his MIM have directly emerged as the protector of Muslim interests in Maharashtra. Its a different matter that however hard Owaisi senior may flaunt himself to be secular,as long as Akbaruddin is there he better may be ready to share the same goal post with Yogi Adityanath on the symbol of narrow-mindedness of thought.There can be a serious blow to the Muslim votebank of Congress-NCP and the MIM can become the custodian of Islamic interests.This can result in a massive minority vote split making it easier for the BJP and the Shiv Sena to consolidate on their essentially Hindu votebank.Though, the cause and effect is a bit more complex than Mahua Moitra’s “middle finger” as they say politics is the art of the possible.Economically today Sudhanshu Trivedi of the BJP (who also happens to be an advisor of a more “moderate” Rajnath Singh) categorically said on the Newshour that the future courses in agriculture like organic farming shall require cows. 

Well well well! He definitely forgot to mention about cow’s urine which according to one of the saffron ideologues cures cancer! And the CM fully contradicted what the AG of the State Government said 2 days back. Must congratulate the AG for his kind luck.Fortunately he was not part of the HRD ministry of the Union Government! “Tulsi” may well have been ordered for his last rights! 

The ban on beef is not an idea of substance-even I cannot play cheap humor there. Economically beef export is one of the principal items of significance on the Indian charter. And in any case why and how should the state decide what to eat and what not to eat.Tomorrow shall the power coterie determine the time of my orgasm? One argument is being put out as a strong defence for beef ban.

In the Directive Principles of State Policy, ban on slaughter of cows and cattle have been provided. But 99% of sensible minds know that these surrogates of the Irish Constitution are only a set of guidelines to be followed.Besides, they are not enforcable in the court of law. Sounds a bit like Preetam’s music.Great to hear but little authenticity!

Well it is equally and significantly true many such principles including RTE have been given due recognition by enacting an act! But the manner in which the opposition has made obstructionism an ideal,that idea is little feasable!

The Marathi Manoos Fadnavis has also ensured that multiplexes show Marathi movies in the primetime. Another gimmick?Well equality sometimes also means giving surplus support to the more vulnerable sections of the society.From that front I do agree with Shreyas Talpade that it will help marathi cinema.But will tomorrow hockey be showed on primetime to protect the sport from cricketoholic aggression? Will MTV show Manna Dey songs at 10 am to give a fitting reply to Honey Singh?

Censorship is a double edged sword.The Chinese were not able to ban opium from entering China.Neither could Gorbachev protect Communism in Russia even after proclaiming Perestroika and Glastnost.India’s Daughter had more views in India than what would have been if the documentary was aired on the BBC.Wearing a tight underwear does not and cannot prevent masturbation…………..