Corporates and sycophants-the new age oligarchs….

The divine salad of democracy is no more a gospel truth.Rather,it is a lip service to a vast, competitive world of habituated self interest.The Communists who I disagree with most of the times today are fighting for survival. The dreaded Marxian theorists seemed be a last zebra crossing before the engine garners the speed.The theory of corporate control now seems to be a regular convocation for the NGO’s and the left of centre enthusiasts.

The rise of corp-orates has been not an invisible spectacle.Rather as consumerism has exceeded public expectations,more have we fallen into the traps of umbrage of the lord. The politicians as Vinod Mehta said  are easy to attack.However the Tatas of the land, have always somehow saved themselves from the popular or journalistic scepticism. As farmers kick the bucket, the KG Oil Basin seems to flow the crores into a over-reliant purse. 

But how grave and how stereo typed is this proportion of injustice. The subaltern school of thought always believed that History is essentially of the privileged,by the privileged and for the privileged.They believe that the reality of a civilisation has always been determined by the kings and queens,emperors and empresses, Hitler and Churchill. The Kalinga war of 261 B.C is in many ways related unilaterally to Ashoka and the effect it had on his mind and soul and heart.

Author's crisp thought: The
Author’s crisp thought: The “notorious” Ranjan Bhattacharya responsible for cutting deals.It seems the handsome face pervades his covetous nature

The proposition of the oligarchy deciding the fate of the country dates back to the Akbarian period. A small coterie has always been utilised to denote the connotation whether democracy or mixed authoratative structure is the right composure required to run a state and engine a country.The media has become more professional,more prone to advertisement and BREAKING NEWS. Well times change and with that change the colour and the rule book of a sport.

But the media has also taken a downward dive-a cruise towards sycophancy and patron worshipping. The India Today group has had the share of Anil Ambani. According to a report suspense continues over the ownership of the NDTV. (Markandey Katju shared the post yesterday on FB). It is said that Mukesh Ambani had given an interest free loan to Prannoy and Radhika Roy at the 2008-09 period when the group was fighting a financial crisis.

Manoj Modi,the left and the right of Ambani senior almost single handedly ensured that Network 18 loses its editor in chief. The sin of the senior journalist. He stood erect in front of pressure from the upper storeys when the lord wanted the Google hangout with Arvind Kejriwal dropped. Kejriwal also seems to understand that attacking the lobbyists and challenging the extra constitutional or rather super constitutional authorities is not a suave dream. Chandrababu Naidu and KCR forgetting their differences seem to grease when Anil Ambani sends them a date…..

Author's crisp thought:Nira Radia- Don't fantasize over her charm and looks. Vir Sanghvi almost slipped,it is said.....
Author’s crisp thought: Don’t fantasize over her charms and looks!vir Sanghvi almost slipped it is said!

The successive Governments have also shown their apathy and their desire to catch hold of the big bucks which the wealthy easily and quite deceptively offer. “Congress to ab apna dukaan hain”-this is what we heard Mr. Mukesh Ambani speak during the infamous Radia tapes controversy. Well Ranjan Bhattacharya,the son in law of Vajpayee-essentially a power penetrator in Lutyen’s Delhi was the man Ambani was speaking to.

Paranjoy Guha Thakurta,eminent economist who passed out of Delhi School of Economics authored Gas Wars-a book which reflected at the murky business of gas and dubious business concerning national resources. The book not only penetrated the significance of how kith and kin was of little use when cutting deals,it also showed the catastrophe which awaits such blatant high handedness. Thakurta,need I say received a legal notice from the Mumbai Indian ex-officio franchise?

Author's crisp thought: Well the gas seems to leak Mr. Thakurta. What do you say?
Author’s crisp thought: Well the gas seems to leak Mr. Thakurta. What do you say?

The Tatas who have risen from the idea of self rule and swadeshi have also featured in the Singur Fiasco and the Radia jingo. The media barons who seem to be taking onto the role of mini oligarchs nowadays are boiling the same oil. Media,hospitality,airports,agro sector,industry,social security and national security-all seem to follow a same line of belief-the belief of the big pockets. The neo colonial era it seems has drunk into massive beer. Its time we serve him some nimboo pani. Oligarchy and democracy,as idealist as I may sound never gel together. Don’t jail a thief for a theft of 500 note,because what is going on is loot to say the least….

Author's crisp thought:Well the surname of Modi nowadays are all powerful. But try as you may Manoj ji, fashionista Arjun Rampal is something you can think of becoming next time....
Author’s crisp thought:Well the surname of Modi nowadays are all powerful. But try as you may Manoj ji, fashionista Arjun Rampal is something you can think of becoming next time….

How Kejriwal has defeated a cancer!!


RaGa described it as a cancer hard to cure.But somehow the deadly disease has stared to subside in the national capital as Arvind Kejriwal to some extent has proven that corruption can be controlled if u have the will. The soldier of the Aam Aadmi,as his fanatics tend to describe him as now at least seems to control the basic usp of the party still to be lost.The haftas and the bribes have stooped if not eliminated.The unholy nexus which many a times ties the knot between the power cluthes and the offcials create an unpleasant experience when you and I go to the officials for work.

The sensationalism and the hype being garnered to cut the hands of the Delhi Chief Minister is a stand not without reason.I deeply have great reservations about the clothes he wears and the muffler he bears,but a style statement as less costly as his can easily impress the expensive suit of the Prime Minister.But the helpline number seem to create a fear where even addicted officials are vowing for a deaddiction cause.The idea of swaraj budget may hold particular significance in the realms of the utopian world,but the basics of reality defies the stereo-typed reaction.

The recent case of Kejriwal’s daughter applying for a driving license only furnishes the fact how the age old norm of is undergoing a change of sorts.The eyes of the officials being directed to one’s cell phones only reinstates how a tough rod can eliminate the excruciating pain created by years of complete mismanagement. A person who bids goodbye to the luxurious life with great power as that of a civil servant,just look forward to a blind,obscure future deserves appreciation.A Naxalite called AK-49 has defied every standard rule the game offers.Narendra Modi once scoffed at the disproportionate coverage being given to Arvind Kejriwal.He asked a renowned editor “Will you give the same coverage to any other Chief Minister?”

What we tend to forget is,the situation under which a new born party less than 5 years old could spring a blinder for the entire political dispensation to envy at.The Jan Lokpal movement and its aftermath prepared the Congress in a way to ascertain its orbituary.The Anna-Kejriwal below the table face off and the rapt media attention it received also shows the after effects and side effects to be a pie in the media’s eye. The century old method of extremism and moderatism has somehow achieved a meeting ground with the arrival of the AAP.

The AAP model of Governance has somehow showed a spark of success in the city state of Delhi.But its methodology of anarchist politics and policies needs to be examined by the media-the watchdogs of the society. The recent phenomenon where India is not under obligation to vote for a political party as their true slaves has garnered this pace of competitive politics.The real accountability is derived from the power of the people.And the courage Delhi has showed in bringing about that drastic step of change is commendable.The political circus carries on…..


AAP-the bAAP of a bastard……..

When Arvind Kejriwal started to run riot on the issue of corruption, many had their eyes on the existing system of obstructionism-a paraaffin of redtapism and officiousness which bhrastachaar offers.2011 was a year of the modern day “Gandhi”-a short built man who shares Rajnikanth’s native name-Anna Hazare.Well really am a bit whimsical of the notion how all “Mahatmas” seem to flaunt very less hair on their body -to be more specific on their heads.In any case my hobby is not to judge density of hair on the chaati of Anil Kapoor or Narendra Modi.However not digracing from the issue further Anna in many case did accomplish the mission he set out to achieve.A party battling the absence of the Matriarch(reportedly in the US taking treatment of cancer) found itself in an uncomfortable honeymoon with a team lead by a 70+ husband.However as recent reports suggest Anna Hazare was only a face of the greater coterie clad strategists.An RTI activist popularly called mufflerman in the social paradise articulated each and every step of the larger socialist confrontation.Incidentally the movement embarked the arrival of social media in the inner dynamics of a complex nation.

The Chanakya of Indian politics in any way was having a tough time dealing with the country’s sliding economy.Just like the arrival of your wife when you are sleeping with your girlfriend, the absence of Sonia exerted surplus dependence on the shoulders of an ageing Pranab.The time was ripe for a mass resurgence as Arnab Goswami acted as a perfect stimulator.A kurta clad Gandhite sat on a safed manch with the image of Bapu only reinstating the composure of “persistence in truth” what we call Satyagraha.But someone from behind was sowing the seeds of electoral confrontation. The AAP was born with a mission of change and swaraj not arvindraj for sure.It seemed that at last honesty had found a father of his own.

As December 2013 approached most pollsters predicted a debut of substance for the AAP.The trend was right but the intensity was wrong. AAP came second to the BJP with a handsome 28 sits and eventually formed  government taking the support of a party whose Delhi CM was the main object of ridicule in Kejri’s campaign.The AAP enacted a referendum whose authenticity according to me is as baseless as Abbas-Mustan’s movies.The 49 day stint did elevate hope with every move of the Government scrutinised by the Lutyens Media.But then #bhagodabhai resigned.The nation became speechless.

Honesty it seemed again became an orphan.The Modi juggernaut crashed the party of hopes. According to the book of key Kejriwal leutenant,Ashutosh Kejriwal broke down and wanted to quit politics.Soon the role of Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav,both adored figures in their own fields subsided sceptically becoming the scapegoats of what should be a “collective” failure.The seeds of authoratarianism was sowed in the smokescreen of power.

But Arvind did now what nobody had “unexpected”. Come to the basics. It is true in every field whether you are not getting an erection or if you are not taking wickets as a spearhead spinner.He alleged horsetrading against the BJP and as usual had a paper in his hand (not toilet paper) along with a series of sting operations.Shazia Ilmi says that his political alma mater has an obscession about stings.Well technlogically advanced I must say!