Propriety,Politicians and Presstitutes-part I

Propriety is better preached than practised. And it has never been an unholy sport played by a single political player. Over and over again,such a stance has been displayed-many a times with utmost disgrace by the netas of this country. The matter of accommodation of a number of instances of nepotism has always been a pre established fact. Those, who today sign up for facebook and hope to change the country must remember that such a rot has always been there-most of the times not embodied by any sense of moral justification.

At a point of time,when P.H.D degrees can be won over at 2 lakh bucks without submitting a single thesis,the mask of social justice seems to be embroidered with immorality and disgust. Ottavio Quattrocchi, who was one of the most infamous and iconic characters of the mid 80’s disempowered the slide mandate behind Rajiv’s victory. The concocted view of impropriety that the opposition including the 2 MP backed Bharatiya Janata Party thundered seems today nothing but a matter of mere story telling.

The matter of morality has always in some way or the other exposed itself to be a relative term of sorts. The Kashmir issue for Musharraf is based on morality, while the same pendulum seems to sing a different tune in the case of Gilgit-Baltistan.But,somehow the case of propriety seemed to have been a major USP,that the Modi Government had set out to champion. The Modi speech at Shanghai calling for a #scamfreeIndia stands today critically challenged in front of an armoured opposition.

Author's crisp thought:Hope the Foreign minister is not threatening to slap arnab Goswami!
Author’s crisp thought:Hope the Foreign minister is not threatening to slap Arnab Goswami!

Sushma Swaraj has been a major disappointment for a party which failed to take her into confidence initially when Modi was being elevated. I heard Rajdeep sardesai,on the shapath day on the 26th in the month of May last year getting somewhat enamoured and slightly surprised at the fact that Sushma was being engaged into the PM’s confidant-ship. Swaraj who promised to shave her hair,lest Sonia became PM could have thought little that her image in 2015 will prove to be a slander towards her nationalistic credentials.

Swaraj, who is known for her unrelenting oratorical machismo,had stood for morality during the December rape of 2012. However, now when she is the subject of cacophony and immorality,her preceding stance seems to haunt her. The sati-savitri stereo-typed image which till today emboldened her stature in a ultra dominant male world till a few days back was admirable. Alas! no more it seems.

Sushma’s daughter Bansuri and husband Swaraj Kaushal have been legal counsels to a fugitive called Lalit Modi. The man who fortunately for idolent people like me made cricket more of an entertainment was always under the scanner for his not so clean vests. But what is all the more intriguing a fact is the PR rifles that the not so fair both personally and facially Modi has. While, Rajdeep Sardesai was getting wined and dined-to quote the acid tongued Arnab Goswami , it was surprising for me how Lalit to believe Rajdeep had made friends with politicians in Cuba.

author's crisp thought: Nicotine does ease tension!
author’s crisp thought: Nicotine does ease tension!

The lack of judgement being exercised by the External Affairs Minister by partially bailing out Lalit on the grounds of humanity has fewer buyers after repeated exposes. Sushma infact panicked after the Times Now broke the story at 9:07 a.m on the 14th of the month. The Portuguese research centre whose quality of treatment allows a patient to party post two days of operation was a must have for the ex IPL Czar. And Sushma whose family connections bisected that of Modi’s could not forbid the appeal of Modi.

The Bigger Question-Did the Prime Minister know??? A man who has always showcased himself to be someone with absolute control over the Government can’t afford to say that he was negligent of the fact while he toured the foreign countries taking upon himself the role of Sushma, A man, who was so intricately absolved in the articulating external affairs was indifferent to the matter of quid-pro-quo carried by one of his own top 4 ministers? Sushma was only a few days back being honoured as one of the most successful ministers. So the review system must have faulted somewhere.

Kirti Azad tweets...
Author’s crisp thought:Sabotage angle? Swapan Dasgupta don’t get offended!

When the tweet of Kirti Azad mentioning the hashtag #asteenkasaanp appeared it did provide a compelling story into the divided family of the BJP. The role of Indian surrogate Keeth Vaz has also sqandered troubling questions. Propriety,it seems is something the BJP can now sacrifice with ease. Troubles it seems awaits the already infected malady….


the unknown land of Mumbai….

The unknown land of Mumbai…..

The sense of charm is something beautiful women often identify themselves with.Well, pimps and pros also carry the baton with lesser dignity perhaps. Mumbai,on the contrary is neither a pimp nor  a female beauty.Still,it has a sense which will even make nonsense look surreal. The long roads,the Bombaiya accent and the expensive fruit juice are not the only pacifiers,one gets to feel in Mumbai. Somehow the sea and the moderate temperature has played its role in creating an equable climate.

However, the political temperatures are less than equable.Rather,the contemporary beef ban with a view of appeasing the state’s auxiliary capital is just an example at how the conscience of a cosmopolitan city seems to drain in the ocean of religious chauvinism. The city which was at once the centre of rivalry between two western powerhubs today is ruled by the same political party.

Socially, however the city of the Tatas and Ambanis have still been able to catch up to the tune of cosmopolitanism and the melody of diversity. The churches and mosques which are frequent to the eye still conjures the idea of India. The city, today is more than a financial and commercial hub. Sripad Amrita Dange, the saturated socialist revitalized the Communist Unit in the pre independence era. However, the city’s love with Marxist theory was short lived.

The Shiv Sainiks ensured the iota of communism disappears from the political firmament. Well,it has been of some use in ensuring reliable growth. The Stalinists of my home state have long been an impediment towards any success-growth story of the Bidhan Chandra Ray clout. As I stroll towards Mahapalika Marg in Mumbai,the awe is not only at the less humid frenzy atmosphere, but towards the ancient city which has given shelter towards the world’s most impotent minorities, the Parsis. JRD Tata is reported to have told Vinod Mehta on the issue of Laloo’s sperm count. “How can he have 7 children! There is something called family planning!”

The city appears to be a little self-centred. The population seems to fight in the race of the rats.The sambar you will find in every type of sabji-dal may arouse mixed response among the residents of the east of the Rajmahal Hill. But,one may feel that you are inadequately qualified to speak of the Bombaiya food before tasting the pav bhajis. Iqbal,a Muslim boy from Assam has been a little more than useful. The 5th floor room which was awarded to us on a heavy concession of 1200 bucks a day is nothing but a reverie for those who wish to sit in the heart of South Mumbai. I,though this time can claim some credit of not engaging in any lafda. The rain many a times may play a spoilsport. Well is Kolkata any less dogmatic towards waterlogging?

But, ultimately it is the city of dreams and dreamers. I can seldom detach myself from the tribe which comes in the City of Gold, to be a part of the gossip world so profound yet least empathetic and compassionate to the definition of career building.