Judiciary- torchbearer or trespasser?

Lord Bryce once said,”If the lamp of justice goes out in darkness, how great is that darkness!”

Montesquieu tried to appear as a moderator in the tug of war between the various institutions of a functional democracy. The Separation of Powers proved to be a futile experiment as the difference between legitimate intervention and interference came to seen as highly spurious.

The present Government has been facing the flak from the judiciary on a varied number of issues. The most recent judgement on the Uttarakhand deadlock has made the government loose a quantum of self esteem.

The annexationist executive for now at least will look to avoid a scenario where the government finds itself in a flawed position. More so, because the government in the past could not materialise its NJAC agenda with Ravishankar Prasad accusing the judiciary of ignorance of the value of elected representatives.

But when the Parliament ‘elected representatives’ who cannot fare better even as a Sarpanch or a Panchayat Pradhan are MPs and the Temple of Democracy is recalcitrant-can we expect a reluctant judiciary? The quality of debate has followed a downhill, with speakers in Parliament coming with the additional burden of spraying pepper in their colleague’s eyes.

Derek O Brien of the TMC in an interview to Barkha Dutt used the idiom ” I will scratch your back and you will scratch mine” to underline the behind the door understandings between two pan Indian National Parties-a system of democracy that is slowly becoming truly bipolar in more ways than one increasing chances of botch ups.

The judiciary was bolstered with criticism by the Union Finance Minister of the Country. Incidentally, the Congress party alongside other political parties chose to remain on the side of the government.

History says when the political class unites, it is to save its own interests from getting squelched. When you get to see ideologically or opportunistic adversarial political parties coming together to press their demand for a pay hike, then you surely come to know the seriousnessof their self accaimed virtues.

The judiciary has also crossed the Lakshman Rekha in an attempt to come across as the ultimate authority of the Constitution. The tactical ball game played by the Judiciary in the First and Second Judge’s cases further prove the theorem of judicial activism.

Even the opaque system of selection of judges and politicisation of the judiciary is a truth that cannot be denied by the most ardent follower of the legal system.

But the seriousness of the government can be questioned with ease, even if the demanour of the judiciary in certain cases are instrumental in enterprising the dictatorship of the nyalyaya.

The government has chosen to bark when its interests looks compromised. The question of judiciary’s bias has been a permanent feature through the years. The repentance of Justice Verma on the misinterpretation of his judgement was used as a point of reference by Arun Jaitley in the Legislature vs Judiciary debate moderated by Arnab Goswami of Times Now.

Judges have been seen wining and dining in embassies which have raised eyebrows of many people. The West Bengal CM has alleged in the past that favourable judgements were being exchanged for money. A case was lodged against her because of the remarks.

But the political class still dominates the proceedings of the judiciary directly or tacitly. Grapevine has it that Gopal Subramanian was not promoted in the legal ladder because of his judgement which went against Amit Shah.

On a similar note, the Emergency was put in place mainly because of one judgement of Jagmohanlal Sinha. Seniority as a principle was breached in 1973 and 1977 in the process of the election of the CJI because the seniormost judges could not place the hat at the Ephemeral Dictator’s feet.

The judiciary needs modification for sure. But before that it is the Legislature that needs to go through (to quote JP) “total revolution.”


2016 and beyond-a Factual analysis

If the CPM- Congress alliance strikes gold in this Bengal elections, it can actually mean doom to a number of political parties, especially the current ‘Modified’ BJP.

The Congress is content playing the second or the third fiddle with no desire to catch up. Their ekla cholo re efforts have not paid off in Bihar(2010) and UP(2012) and in 2014 it scored a duck in many politically relevant states like Tamil Nadu. 

But the question of sustainability of a khichdi sarkar in 2019 arises without any question. Though the Modi government has erred in a number of places, with its foreign poicy bereft of takers, it has fared well in policy enactment, which got botched up badly during the erstwhile regime.

But governance most of the times does not determine the political fate of a country whose political choice is highly divided.

But can the Bengal phenomenon repeat itself in all states. Not to forget that the Left in Bihar decided to go all alone leaving the BJP the opportunity to get some more seats. The Mahagatbandhan first lost Mulayam Singh and then had to let go Sitaram Yechury.

The experiment in Bihar could not be repeated in Assam. Even after the efforts of both Prashant Kishore and Nitish Kumar who according to Justice Katju should take Kejriwal as his deputy lest he becomes PM(yes you heard it right) tried their best to somehow bring the perfume baron Badruddin Ajmal and Tarun Gogoi on the same dias.

But they failed as an obdurate Gogoi decided to go it all alone. It is not a hidden secret that the Ahom CM deeply abhors the AIUDF founder. And the hands of 10 Janpath is still firmly on Gogoi. This blind, blunt faith of the the Gandhis has forced the Congress to pay a heavy price as its once potential successor to Gogoi, Hemanta Biswa Sarma defected to the BJP.

The eastern part of the country has seen many regional players calling the shots. But will the regional forces be able to forge any form of unity to challenge the much stronger BJP? 

The Bengal election to a certain extent has the answer. The RJD and JDU has chosen the Left over Mamata as their choice in Bengal. It can have wider repurcussions, as Mamata a few days back even indirectly hinted at betrayal of Nitish Kumar. In an aggressive tone, she said, “We supported them(RJD-JDU-INC) in Bihar.”

Though she by now must be mature enough to understand, give and take policy looks well crafted in human relationships, not in the hell of power. Mulayam plays the game of betrayal candidly. Sonia, Left, Mamata, Nitish all at some have at some point of time experienced Mulayam’s play of deception. 

2016 in every way is going to determine the fate of leftist politics, the future of the Congress Party and an overall effort to resurrect the destiny of the lost and orphaned UPA.

Deathdom and Sanatan Sanstha

The Sanstha which talks about devotism and salivation not only is the latest potboiler in the political dispensation, but also is the craved political ammunition in a highly segregationist society. The cause of concern lies in the height of defiance which Sanjeev Punalekar’s organisation has got used to. Extremism has never had a panacea, and violence had never had too many friends. But still the stance taken by the Shiv Sena in the entire issue is strong enough to stroke communal passions on a heighted scale. As the Ganpati celebrations are in full swing and the triumph over fortune over misfortune the taste of the season, in the legal and news spectrum the troika of Pansare-Dabholkar-Kalburga is making the maximum noise. The reaction of the so called organisation which represents the Sanatan Dharma forgets the idea of tolerance that its ideal preaches. Rather, their jingoism on television leaves little doubt on even a limited brain, the atrocities and violence they are capable of.

But what appears really disturbing to me readers, is the reaction of the left of centre, centre as well as the pro rightist political parties. Dabholkar’s death, Pansare’s death as well as Kalburgi’s death is being said is related to the same operative process. Fine enough. But what was the police doing as the three rationalists were drawn to the drains of absolute high handedness from the sides of the fringe? Is it just a collateral hypocrisy that both the Congress and the BJP led governments had only sat on the files thinking they are golden platters of honour? The Communst Party in Maharashtra has an antiqued past with leaders including Krishna Desai and Sripad Amrita Dange. The Shiv Sainiks played a barbarous role in eliminating a city which adorned red as the colour of the behemoth of workers in the financial capital. Of course Vasantrao Naik had a particular involvement. The extremist Krishna Desai wanted to counter the militant Shiv Sena through military means but was unsuccessful. Desai was killed in the late 1960s. With Desai’s death, Communism of Maharashtra drowned itself into oblivion.

But still in pockets and nooks, the party has been able to exert considerable influence. And people like Pansare had only occupied that jotting place commanding respect from a significant section. The Week, I remember actually published a report on chances of fringe attack on the 80+ politician of Maharashtra last year. Govind Pansare had showed signs of irreverence and even deference to the threats. Perhaps for his life diminution of self-respect was a better option. In a July issue of the same weekly, the question over Pansare’s death was raised again, and the report even cast aspersions of the transfer of Pansare from his home town Kolhapur to Mumbai. Abnormal decisions were also suggested of in the entire course of events. Same goes with Narendra Dabholkar’s death. Though the act against black magic was passed by the Maharashtra legislature to support his cause, nothing did the previous or the current regime do to oppose his killing in broad daylight.

But this is not about one ideology versus another. Rather it is about the ideology of coexistence pitted against the idea of intolerance. When, you see the Congress and the NCP spokesmen trying to obfuscate from the issue of implementation of ban against Sanatan Sanstha, you can well understand the so called NO. 1 IDEOLOGY whose main aim has always been to balance upper caste, Dalit and minority votebanks. The names of journalists like Nikhil weagle coming to the fore only shows how patronising can be an organisation which very much like Hardik Patel claims to be the sole policeman of respective communities.

Author’s crisp thought: And when hate is flowing to and fro in microblogging sites and bruise behaviour to journalists like Rajdeep Sardesai more an everyday norm, you can compare the intensity of threats and violence, what you cannot compensate is the idea of intolerance rampant in the society which does not form a place for an alternative view, lest aside a dissenting voice. However, as a ray of hope, the Fadnavis Government now has arrested Sameer Gaekward who has been heard on phone calls planning the next hunt. Rudra Patil, another suspect was on the other side of the phone. The police are now searching for him and Sarang Akolkar. Nikhil Wagle, senior journo has alleged of continuous threats from the Sanstha goons. Whether, the blast accused Sanstha is banned or not will be an issue of an objective cause. Let’s see what happens.

Nehru and Tryst with Terrorism…

Nehru not only excelled in his so called “platonic relationship” with Lady Mountbatten, but also was a clear winner with his liberal values which included British mannerisms and may I add British scotch. The sanatorium of Oxbridge thought he grew himself into was an added advantage for the middle class which always has had a special succour towards the anglicised scheme of things along with the Playboy. But, such a liberal mind was the all in all at a time, when actors had to change their Muslim names to Hindu ones to get a break in the film industry. Alyque Padamsee, theatre luminary known for his extreme views on many things including fairness creams also illustrated the apartheid against the Muslims in now the Khan dominated fiefdom of post independent India.

Even then there were fissures hard to cover, there were right wing activists hard to suppress and there were hard lined terrorists who were abused and not eulogized. Nehru was the Prime Minister, when Nathuram Godse with indiscreet links to the RSS assassinated the Father of the Nation. A self-righteous guy called Madan Lal hurled bombs while Gandhi was carrying on his prayer in his ashram. But, still Godse and his vile towards Gandhi was not dispensed with. Rather, he was executed. And the man who “discovered India” treated an assassin as a terrorist and rightly so. Were there not right of centre voices then? Were there not any iota of intelligentsia who challenged the meek advocacy of the Mahatma towards resilience to a terrorist state? Of course there were. But justice prevailed.

RSS has never been a den where any right thinking liberal can mingle with its narrow mindedness and parochialism-something which has rounded off terror attacks on minorities. But, then how Asaduddin Owaisi becomes a saint like figure with his ultimate view of a biased judiciary and uncompromising segregessionist outlook towards religion? The hue and cry was nimble and indifferent till the AIMIM chief came into the radar and spoke how Yakub was being victimised just because he is not Maya Kodnani or Babu Bajrangi. How would have Nehru seen this? The man who vehemently opposed Jinnah’s gimmicks of communalising the already acrimonious communities-could he have endorsed that?

And when the left thinking liberals come out as the Owaisis fired the venom, we experienced the institutions which Nehru garnered and polished and recuperated getting abused, getting lowered in the eyes of public scrutiny. Indira did it at the times of Emergency, but the intelligentsia did it to sermonize its ‘rational’ militancy-capable of plaguing the face India is trying to project in front of the world. Because, Sunny Leone is not our sole ambassador in any case! The mutiny seems to have been propelled by some sort of testosterone charger, whose logic remains in the grey even now. Yakub’s death sentence was in the run for long. And somehow, the Karats and the Tharoors seemed to have been in the slumber. Perhaps for them the past year brought too many electoral challenges to find them some time.

Many opt for abolition of capital punishment. I lie in accordance with the view. But how many of the greats of protective humanism burnished their vanguard when Dhananjay Chatterjee, was sent to the gallows for raping and killing a minor girl called Hetal Parekh in the year of the 14th Loksabha elections? CPI(M), a party known for inconsistent stands at that time also had Prakash Karat and Sitaram Yechury with Harkishan Singh Surjeet as the General Secretary of the party. They never uttered a word on the measure of punishment which was being awarded. Even then there was a raging controversy in the Bengali media about the various discrepancies found in the case against Dhananjay. And here lies the irony. The man who was extremely feverish in sending Chatterjee to jail was Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, the CM of Bengal along with his wife and daughter Suchetana. “His wife made an impassioned speech in favour of the hanging in a public meeting”. This is what the TOI had to say regarding Meera Bhattacharya’s statement. Civil rights group protested against the hanging. It is a different issue now that the fate of the Left in Bengal now hangs in disarray. If I memory serves me right, Mamata Banerjee protested against the drama of the then CM in the hanging of Dhananjay.

How would Nehru perceive the high handedness of a discussion which even his liberal mind of the 50’s failed to catch? The declaration of equality, sovereignty, fraternity is being challenged not by communal forces, but by storm troopers who are far more veiled in religious nepotism unaware of the idea India and its multi-cultural identity the first PM despite his loopholes championed. Yes according to me, hang till death is wrong, but the tryst with a terrorist of debating law, judges and a judgement is not going to serve any right……

Woh pareshaan karte rahein……a tale of Kejri’s never ending talkie

Drama Queen, the song starring Sidharth Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra in the movie Hasee to Phasee was a hit with its catchy lyrics and Vishal-Shekhar music. But there has been a conundrum, in the new Kejriwal drama queenalike. The ad not only rightfully glorifies the AAP convenor as some type of Amitabh Bachchan in “Jadugar”, but also re-emphasises the basket of dreams that the AAP as a party is still living in. Shazia Ilmi, the middle aged pretty face of news television could have continued her innings on television news. But she chose to jump in politics of change that Kejriwal was offering.

But the real drama started to churn out a bit early. The egoism which started to bore fruit has its roots even before the AAP and its idea took shape. NDTV was reporting in early 2012, how Anna may soon form a political party of his own. But soon, the great opportunistic Mahatma that the man of Ralegan Siddhi is, backed off. The “pareshani” that Kejriwal ads talk about today, started that very day, when Swaraj, the book of Kejriwal was launched in front of eminent personalities including Anna Hazare amidst the Ramleela frenzy.

Vinod Mehta, said that seeing the mirage of relation between the old man and his subordinate, on the occasion of release it would take a real miracle to stich the two together. So Hazare, became the first cause of “problem” that Kejriwal ads complain about. The two soon parted ways. In the same manner Kiran Bedi, who stated her accomplice with Anna openly claimed, “Kejriwal has a unique mannerism of overdoing everything.” The two Magsaysay awardees were at necks at the juncture. Bedi, whose BJP empathy was evident became a cause of problem or pareshani again. Shall I mention about the Kejriwal ads once more?

Then came the turn of the media- who, alleges Raj Thackeray painted and conceived the AAP. The media which stood erected behind the newborn, now began to turn the toll of things. The notion of “sab chor hain” very soon applied itself in the gardening of conspiracies and utopian theories Kejriwal and Kejriwal ads are potent at. Arnab became livid at the meritocracy of AAP not to send a single spokesman to his channel! The drama continued. Somnath Bharti who excels allegedly in beating up wives, became the martyr in the eyes of Kejriwal.

Bharti even forced Nigerian woman to what Chatur of Three Idiots calls “Mutravisarjan”. But more than that, if Kejri sacrificed something-it was his usp of commonality. Somnath Bharti’s wagging of fingers could not satisfy the krantikaari intellectuals who vouched for him as a leader-neither a dynast nor an inessential chest thumper. Then, came the promo-spoof to the republic parade, which made the Delhi CM adorned in a muffler, a quarrelsome, self-obsessed caricature and anarchist. The Kejriwal ads for sure will never talk about the “pareshani” the common man had to incur because of his tantrums and self-triumphalism.

The Anil Kapoor last solo hit “Nayak” seemed to have heavily influenced the matter and molecule of Kejriwal’s character. The ‘Parivaartan” which brought the IRS officer to the porridge of activism failed to train him with the idea of extensive realism. The recent theatre of the absurd played out by Arvind, after securing a stout victory only proves the character orbit of the man- limited to confrontation. Delhi police, for God’s sake has never been the inherited treasure of Narendra Modi. So to take barbs at him as per the rules of the continuum only reaffirms the David vs Goliath foetus still beaming in his heart despite the Varanasi blunder.

Ashutosh’s book says that Kejriwal broke down after the Loksabha disaster. The AAP confectionary in Bengal merged into the BJP bakery. “how did this happen?’ Arvind said as tears rolled down his cheeks. Well, I could not but drone myself with this melodramatic overdose. Actually, Shazia Ilmi is somewhat correct to the statement, that the profession of acting suits Arvind as a better vocation. The Kejriwal ads only seem to glorify the man, who many a times have not missed an opportunity to deify himself!

Yogendra Yadav, a socialist liberal who inverted the rightist tilt of the AAP and its “thou affaire” with self-invested belly showing Gurus, had to be heckled (if the pseophologist is to be believed along with the legal eagle Prashant Bhutan) and abused by the vigilante justice system demanded so often by the AAP conglomerate. Now, as the noose widens around the electorate of Delhi, the Kejriwal ads say,

“Woh pareshan karte rahein, Hum Kaam karte rahein…”

The mockery which started with the earlier Kejriwal ads hopefully (though I am sure it hasn’t) has called for a close. Most of the achievements ironically in the chest thumping process are mere assumptions, yet to be started. Again to bring in a filmy corollary, it looks like just how the name and available diction of the upcoming movies become the centre of discussion in the public platforms, the Delhi CM also expects his still to be started work to make a buzz and sound. An opposition leader rightfully remarked, “He can make news out of nothing.’

If the history of masala-ised talkies which AAP is so adept in producing, directing and acting are anything to go by, Kejriwal is not embarrassing his DNA. He is also not trying to be in the news. Because, his is a party with a difference- a metamorphosis between a normal human brain and a human brain with abnormal features. So stick to the sits. Pop corns chalega kya?

Calcutta Varsity and debarred Bengal….

The scammer and the platter plies through our ears- a university with national accolades baying into the dooms of fiefdom of a particular political party. The Calcutta University was a prodigy with immense fame, great name and huge stellar. The coveted pasta of being the VC of such an institution is a hot baked cake for any individual to enjoy. The contours of controversies regarding the University is not unknown though. And the first week of July itself has proved how Mamata Banerjee is just an even extreme form of political goonies. She talks about Nazrul,she controls the goons and occasionally feels a lust towards the Kolkata Mayor’s hip as she pushes the man into the blue elitist, swimming pool. The CM’s misogynist tenors towards a rape victim ridicules humanity althoughshe does come out strongly for Tapas Pal-a coffee bred black bug on the same grounds.The sensuality with which a bunch of actors and actresses (btw many perhaps are not acquainted with the word acting) cheerlead the CM, loath the art of sycophancy to the extreme. Many modern superstars today have become Member of Parliaments. But the great comedy of Bengali fate does not end here, rather it only awaits a new commencement. The SFI has for long ruled the corridors of power management with little empathy towards academics. Ritabrata Bhattacharya’s wise wisdom on Chitmahals, will prove to be a bit futile if he considered his political alma mater’s gusto towards adversaries. However the doom that seems to have settled in Bengal and its education may put Laloo-vian stereo-typism to shame. The candour with which Sugata Bose reprimanded the incident in Calcutta University seems to paint the dominance of good wisdom-but let’s come to him separately later on.
The Trinamool Chaatra Parishaad born out of the Congress like its mother organisation has now brought 90% of the colleges in Kolkata under its control. Its dominance is self-pervading as the main opposition of the TMCP in most colleges is not the ABVP or the SFI, but groupism and factionalism within the party of the Prince who yells at the enemies and threatens to gobble up their eyes. A wannabe cannibal? Hopefully Abhishek Banerjee is not an enthusiastic Robinson Street teetotaller. The matter of the fact remains that as the entire country has least expectations from their erstwhile Railways Minister to develop Bengal, the idea of rapid violence and over that the limited resources of accountability of the opposition ideologues has exposed the TMC to massive mandates.
Suranjan Das is a man not to be shot at. Rather,he and his tentative position is something with which even Majid Master should empathise with. He has been the Vice Chancellor of the prestigious Calcutta University,from the days of the Left. An alumni of the prestigious South Point High School, Kolkata he has written about the “Great Calcutta Killing” of 1946. He is known to be a non-controversial personality-someone who is not tied by the strings of Communist hangover nor by the charms of the big bucks of the present establishment. The way he and his fellow colleagues were “roughed” up by the TMCP outsiders with inside knowledge reminds all of us about the incident of Presidency University a few years back when the gatekeeper of the erstwhile Hindu College was held guilty.
The works,activities as well as the extra constitutional authority of Mamata-ian kids were overlooked by the Education Minister who was referred to as a bear by Congress leader Arunava Ghosh. Even then the Education Minister proposed a number of theories including a thesis on the College’s bow. This time too, Partha Chatterjee has dismissed the entire incident calling it a presstitutional makeover. A P.H.D degree later in his life seems to have not helped the Minister’s little accountability. Shankudeb Panda, TMCP boss has made provocative statements against the professors whom he still believes feed on Moscow-vian broccoli.
Sugata Bose,a member of Netaji’s family is now a TMC MP like his mother Krishna Bose. But his gentle demeanour betrays his Harvard professionalism. He is one of those plywoods who deserve a bit more fire in his belly to fight the cynics within his party. He is known to have contacted Suranjan Das, perhaps to convey his condolences to his tribesman. Ronald Ross, an alumni and Nobel Laureate of CU must be turning in his grave as Jadavpur and Calcutta portray one thing in common-that of radical posturing and violent Pandora-so common towards a decaying and eroding Bengal….

Smriti Irani: empty vessels rattle much….more

Deadlock,revulsion,incompetence,snobbery,arrogance,cryptic-these adjectives summarize how my Human Resource Development Minister has performed in the last one year.When the party with a “difference” talked about a rejuvinated,rebuilt India,we bought their arguments,we bought their views,we bought their oratory,and above all we cultured around Narendra Modi,who was a “chaiwala” challenging the quid-pro-quo and stereo-types plaguing the system for long. The charismatic Tulsi of “Kyunki……” fame presented herself as articulated,humble yet a challenger hard to suppress. Yes,she was the woman who excreted vile on the Vikaas Purush after Godhra,yet she cloaked no apprehensions about admitting her “mistake”. Her great affinity to the Gujarat CM gave her a Rajya Sabha seat. It gave her greater marketing as being Modi’s right hand woman.

Smriti Irani took upon herself as the sole challenger to Sushma Swaraj as the lead female in Modi’s cabinet. What came forward? A typical DNA of enfante horribilis.Both today may slip out of their respected jobs-one for breaching the lakshman-rekha of ethical wisdom,other for allegedly not even being standardized to view the Lakhshman-rekha. Education ministry in the last one year has shown many instances of immaturity and diverse prospects of being cowed down by elements of Nagpur. As the PM was busy giving what now seems to be idealistic, hollow,superficial oratory,the position of Smriti is said to have become untenable. The country definitely deserves a better educational advisor than the short sighted, myopic individual called Dinanath Batra. Incidentally as he preaches on his bigoted history lessons based on hard Hindutva,a modern lady with a past of being a finalist of the leading beauty pageant seems to absorb them with ease and cheese.

As  you saw Smriti Irani cavalcading the BJP attack on the Newshour, you felt the fire that this woman possesses in her belly. You could loath on her sharpness of mind,on the intensity of her political will.Still,she seems to garner utter disappointment. The woman who had the courage to speak up against zealotised Sanjay Nirupam,did not utter a word as Giriraj Singh sang his usual obsolete,nonsense and in particular racist rant against Sonia Gandhi. See the history of see-saws. This same woman stood in the Parliament against Sharad Yadav when he lambasted his innocuous knowledge on busty South Indian woman. No body stood to support her on the floor. When later asked about this indifference of her own Party members in the Parliament,Smriti dodged it off. ‘I am not a Political Cinderella’-she said

If my memory serves me right, in KBC 2nd Season Smriti Irani came with Sakshi Tanwar to play the Amitabh hosted show. There she spoke of how an astrologer through his panditgiri had earlier invalidated her dreams of becoming an actress. Almost a decade later, Smriti Irani went to see an astrologer who to believe the tabloish tone, had predicted one day the HRD Minister will become the head of the state of India-to put it more simply she would be the President of the country. Introducing Sanskrit in place of German seemed to serve little purpose as entire education structure stared at hypermetric funeral. The saffron bumchums for the time being had to retreat. The ego and blatant robbery of humbleness seemed another problem as Smriti went after the secretaries of her department. A senior official in the Government says”Smriti madam,does not allow the officials to settle down. She lectures the secretaries on what they should do and what they should restrain themselves from. She does not like being asked or interrogated”.Smriti Irani reportedly has changed half a dozen bureaucrats from her department.

Coming to lecture part. Even today after being in the political dispensation for 12 years,it seems uncertain which was the institution Smriti can adjudge the title of alma mater to?

“She studied up to class 12 at Holy Child Auxilium School and discontinued further education.[7][8] Irani has herself provided conflicting affidavits of her educational qualifications. In 2004, she submitted that she had obtained a graduate degree in Arts (B.A, 1996) from Delhi University (School of Correspondence); and in 2014, she submitted that she had completed a part of a graduate degree in Commerce (Part I B.Com, 1994) from Delhi University.[9] Furthermore, a leak from the School of Correspondence, as reported by a newspaper, claims that Irani had enrolled in 2013, but had not written her examination”-this is what Wikipedia says about her educational qualification which seems to crucify the Modi Government lately.

B.A and B.Com don’t really share a honeymoon. A commerce and an Arts Graduate may add well to the documentation of Curriculum Vitae, but twin-in one production is limited till now to ice creams only. School of correspondence also seems to gel rather uneasily with Smriti’s aura. Smriti Irani volatilised the situation to the hilt,when she lambasted about having a degree from Yale University. To believe my eternal vigilance,it was basically a crash course which not only Irani but a host of other MP’s went through in 2013. The leadership programme lasted for 6 days where Irani’s counterpart was TDP’s S Ramesh. Democracy and nuclear non-proliferation were reportedly the topics exercised.How happy would have been my mother had she known a degree is nowadays available from Yale in 6 days!Infact 11 politicians from national and regional political parties participated in the crash course.

Now a Delhi court has found merit in the entire mango pickle surrounding the minister. A case filed by Ahmer Khan,a freelance writer and represented by lawyer KK Manan were successful in patronising the first big setback for the Minister. The otherwise intrinsically frank Smriti, got carried away while being asked about her qualification. Madhu Kishwar,another controversial Modi enthusiast had difficulty in accepting Smriti Irani’s appointment.Well life is not always a Uday chopra film-sometimes applying logic is an obligation more than a necessity.

Author’s crisp thought-Smriti ji try something constructive,rather than only competing in Amethi with the Gandhi scion……..