2 minutes of silence 

There is a country. There is an identity. But can that idea be unicameral? Not at all. The multifaceted idea of a democracy, of a country, only reignites the value of the ‘will of the people.’

In recent times, there has been an inglorious tendency to somehow attack those on social media who have held a contrarian view to the present pole of politics- the BJP.

Many of these happen to be journalists, many notable jholawallahs with a pathological hatred towards the Prime Minister. These people have hence turned into eyesores for the cyber army of the BJP whose daunting virtual existence has not exceeded the virtuality.Sigh..

It has become clear-the clouds which make noise, seldom cause rainfall. This cyber army perhaps is a token victory for a party whose membership was just a ‘missed call’ away.

The PM calls for the education of the girl child. But when Barkha Dutt is slandered upon, when her fictitious Kashmiri husband is drawn to the conundrum, does it show that the PM’s message of gender equality has very few buyers within his own constituency? Does it show the level of xenophobia among the vanguards of patriotism? 

Supporting Barkha Dutt vis-a-vis Niira Radia comes with a baggage. But that cannot to be the sole determinant of her career. The success of Barkha is a tight slap on the fourth estatian patriarchy, in a country where the leading news daily decides the main content bereft of any female editor.

One must understand the undercurrents of nationalism is not someone’s paternal property. You also have that much right as an Indian citizen where you can logistically attack a person, not by culminating into a position where the fake personal life of an individual bevomes the issue of contention.

The light of democracy must encourage those who contradict, enthuse even the actor turned sycophants, but not without reason. “Sickular” journos or UPA henchmen can be targeted because of their double standards, but not by showing a middle finger at Madison.

The idea of nation love unfortunately has now become only about an adorable slogan emanating from the lips of a dubious baba with defected eyes.

Well, at a point of time, when motherland worship has reached the commentry box, lets hope the bathroom shower doesn’t demand a खूल जा सिम सिम  slogan tomorrow before opening its pores. Only ONE patriotic slogan according to an actor is the only definition of nationalism.

P.S- If I believe this reel as well as real life actor, and the vanguard of Fascist nationalism-my historical knowledge stands subordinated.

 “The Emergency was promulgated in 1984.”-he says

Instead of sweating yourself over 2 minute noodles, which usually takes 5 minutes, kindly observe 2 minutes of silence for these people with brains manufactured in China, marketed in an NRI residence and sold in India. 


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