The art of giving and the act of taking

One does not need to know rocket science to understand the pantheism of immorality in politics. At a point of time when the country looks to deal with corruption, the bigger question is can corruption ever have a political solution?

The latest corruption charges against the Mamata Banerjee government comes through as a sting operation by Mathew Samuels, someone whose investigative acumen incarcerated Bangaru Laxman, the Dalit President of the BJP. 

The tape shows the high heels of the party engaging themselves in a shameful give and take policy, a ‘provident fund’ very easily found between politicians and pressure groups.

But can it be acknowledged as corruption? Yes. Can it be acknowledged as a breach of trust? Absolutely. But should only TMC bear the brunt? Not at ALL!

That is the problem unfortunately. We are almost epitomising one example without seeing the wider picture where all political parties engage in such pernicious and unethical practises irrespective of political ideology.

The Caravan magazine in one of its exposes clearly showed a whole set of leaders charged with what can be regarded as in conventional terms, ‘acceptation of freebies’ from corporate forces.

Of course, Mamata is a fallen goddess in the eyes of the dementic middle class and media, or to be more specific in the eyes of an overtly influential media conglomerate of Bengal.

 It is incidentally the same media house which deliberately blacked out the entire Malda terror plot, indirectly helping Mamata to escape criticism in the state even as India Today’s Rahul Kanwal’s report on Malda equated the north Bengal district with India’s own Afghanistan in the eastern border.

But the poor still support ‘the self diminutive lady’ to quote Suhel Seth. Now lets clear the air which perhaps is ventilating you. I am no Mamata supporter. Infact, she has been the most substandard CM according to me with no control on either the hoodlums of her party or her acerbic tongue.

Her party basically is about the same form of regional chauvinism mastered by the Shiv Sena and the TDP. And what is worse, most of the leaders behave like shanties out of jail, baying for money and blood.

But the Caravan issue I resorted to to defend my case of the universality of such naked, blatant nexus between politicians and corporates had names ranging from the Present head of state to an ‘anti corporate’ Communist Sitaram Yechury. 

The expose as far as I remember was on the Essel group, where the then Finance Minister of the country nudged the corporate in question to employ the son of a godman, whom Mukherjee knew.

Interestingly, no TV channel took up the task of following the story (even if a defamation suit was filed against the magazine) perhaps because the clout of the Ruias was too much to stomach.

The art of giving and the act of taking is now an universal truth. Albeit, we should take strong measures so that these cases of corruption are not bailed out, but can we be selective in our judgement and adjudication- implicating some while letting out the others? 

That is the bigger question…..


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