“My Lord, are you there…..” – Justice- an extinct idea

The Court and the Cutchery

31.1 million cases pending.

4,706 positions vacant.

An average of 6-9% annual rise in workload.

Yes, this is what the Indian judiciary is staring at.

Against the backdrop of increasing violence against women, communal clashes, terrorism and a thousand other factors, the above figures present the grim situation of our country’s Justice System. And the recent controversies surrounding the famous actor turned infamous driver Salman Khan, Satyam scam accused Ramlingam brothers, Masarat “Meri jaan, Pakistan” Alam, several Gujrati cops accused of fake encounters and last but not the least our dear own Amma, have only added fuel to the fire.

For the uninitiated, the only common factor between these random people from different parts of the country are–

Firsly, they all have been granted relief by our courts.

Secondly, they all have been accused of serious misdeeds.

So what happened to the Judges? Why are they not banging their wooden…

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