The beard is burning-Naqvi at his hillarious best…….

Well politicians often make lesser sense than Rakahi Sawant.Yesterday,AAJ TAK Manthan was party to one such peculiar instances.The so called Muslim face of the BJP Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi showed how the mentality of this Government was no better than Saif Ali Khan’s Humshakals.While,a mud slinging match was taking its toll between Naqvi and Owaisi senior, moderated by a seldom irritated Rajdeep Sardesai,a bombshell awaited a mixed audience.

It is said that once the ultra nationalist,anti Muslim progeny MS Golwalkar took up the issue of Hindutva and beef with Verghese Kurien,the “Milkman of India”. The Sarsanghchalak said to Kurien,”you know something……all this hubble and bubble surrounding beef ban is nothing but just a game of politics.” Well,well,well I cannot authenticate the statement nor can I virtually declare the mood of jest and humour which may have led to the remark.

But if this was the real mentality of a RSS stalwart,the great sacrifice of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya and Shyama Prasad Mookherjee may be nothing for the BJP,but a mere lip service to vote bank politics.The agitation against cow slaughter in the 1960’s by the Jan Sangh had few buyers and still lesser rational advocates.even the JanSangh leader,who is today the Bharat Ratna not only distanced himself from the entire issue,but he also trivialized the Right wingers for their short sightedness,

The fringe elements have enjoyed cosy atmosphere in the last 365 days.More than that,the sense of denial coming from the Home Minister of this country was not only expected,but to some extent unacceptable.Turning a blind eye to the evils does not make the matter any less docile.An angry Naqvi thundered that if a person cannot survive without beef, he is most welcome to go to Pakistan.It seems that the BJP has some kind of nostalgia for the so called Land Of the Pure.

Giriraj Singh,whose physique can be matched with a Bollywoodi villain,dared the people who don’t want Modi as PM to go to Pakistan.The Prime Minister called a couple of politicians agents of Pakistan including a minister of the Union Government who came from Kerala.The statement that the half pant Minister of Parliamentary Affairs made is nothing but a self mockery of himself.The caviet being that Modi should be ready to meet a hibernated Congress breathing new life.

Perhaps,Naqvi is eyeing for the cabinet berth which he hopes will diffuse to him in the times to come. Najma Heptullah,already is nearing the expiry date required to be a Modi confidant in his cabinet. The ferocity with which Naqvi fired his arsenals,seems to be a very well crafted endeavour to climb up the peeking order of the RSS and the Sangh Parivaar. The Tamasha that this Government has shown will give a hard fight to Rahul Gandhi’s ordinance machismo.The beard is burning. Naqviji,Contact the local RSS cadre from UP.And don’t forget to invite me to your Home Return-sorry! Ghar Wapsi!


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