The Sino fear forces top gear…

The former RSS and present BJP ideologue Ram Madhav had acquired a PG degree in Political Science from the University of Mysore,Karnataka.The mirage of politics is shaped many a times by the splendour of cosmopolitan beliefs of accomodation.However,this incorrigible belief or ideal has little to do with the machineries of manipulation exerted freely by the engine of 21st century diplomacy.

Ram Madhav,the saffronised General Secretary has always assumed the fact that national interest and strict realist view make up the bitter candyfloss of foreign policy.China and India,in many ways build up a history of equality.Both the countries are ultra nationalist in their endeavours to flaunt their unique sense of identity and heritage.

Both the countries have a past of Western exploitation.The near same socialism has defined the mentality of Indian and Chinese Premieres in the opening decades of their salivation from alien rule.The only difference can be where as in China there is only a single Communist Party,the Indian socialists have multiplied themselves into at least half a dozen brittle pieces!

The Chinese dragon saw a giant leap from the reforms of 1979,where the rate of growth increased by about a number of multiples.The Indians stammering as they were,under a volatile Janata Parivar lost Morarji,a student of the typical American school of thought.He reportedly retorted to someone-I must stay in Indira’s cabinet.Otherwise,this woman is going to sell the country to the Communists.

India saw forced reforms 12 years later.The man now called or rather satired at as MMS brought about western reforms,underlining the fact that he was an economist of Fabian socialistic fragnence than competative capitalism practised by the Western republics.The dilemma of transition from the Swadeshi to the Videshi model was a stumbling block which arised out of the complicaton-a mentality woven out from the age old belief of class stuggle and scientific,forced atheism.

The Chinese agendum of the Deng Model was least an illuson and more a obligation to save Peking from the wrath of decreasing lust for Maoist beliefs.The open democracy practised by us and controlled authority thrust by the CPC defines in a number of ways the limits of toleration.The envelope of hope got deeply marred by Nehruvian pleasure in 1962.

The change in Chinese inner democracy has brought about the fore the image of Hong Kong.The region defined by Mao as a wrinkle on the back of China is opting for greater autonomy and better governance. Kashmir and Arunachal have always somehow itched the Chinese.And blatantly hypocritic as it may seem,the party of Sitaram has still not overcome the aura of Chinese worship.

In a epic humorous speech in Parliament by Pramod Mahajan,the Communists in India were branded as lifeless-inme(Communists) kuch to bacha nahin hain thundered the once PM potential Pramod.But the matrix of Communism in China is more than Pro Pak stance,rather it is a calculative decision to duel an emerging threat in the form of India.

The victory of Modi seems to play the blanket of below the belt jibes too well on Xi Jingping. The antiques of China in making Chinese Globes showcasing Arunachal, a part of China or making Kashmir an independent nation maywell be punched back from the other side.Forget ideology,but the country lacking popular sovereignty cannot digest the coming of US and India together.

The Nixon-Indira era has been a relic of the past.Realism dawns the evening of the present.No place for idealists and philosophers like me in this utterly vindictive world.Till then,let the symbolism of ephimeral romance continue on the banks of the Sabarmati……


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