The beard is burning-Naqvi at his hillarious best…….

Well politicians often make lesser sense than Rakahi Sawant.Yesterday,AAJ TAK Manthan was party to one such peculiar instances.The so called Muslim face of the BJP Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi showed how the mentality of this Government was no better than Saif Ali Khan’s Humshakals.While,a mud slinging match was taking its toll between Naqvi and Owaisi senior, moderated by a seldom irritated Rajdeep Sardesai,a bombshell awaited a mixed audience.

It is said that once the ultra nationalist,anti Muslim progeny MS Golwalkar took up the issue of Hindutva and beef with Verghese Kurien,the “Milkman of India”. The Sarsanghchalak said to Kurien,”you know something……all this hubble and bubble surrounding beef ban is nothing but just a game of politics.” Well,well,well I cannot authenticate the statement nor can I virtually declare the mood of jest and humour which may have led to the remark.

But if this was the real mentality of a RSS stalwart,the great sacrifice of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya and Shyama Prasad Mookherjee may be nothing for the BJP,but a mere lip service to vote bank politics.The agitation against cow slaughter in the 1960’s by the Jan Sangh had few buyers and still lesser rational advocates.even the JanSangh leader,who is today the Bharat Ratna not only distanced himself from the entire issue,but he also trivialized the Right wingers for their short sightedness,

The fringe elements have enjoyed cosy atmosphere in the last 365 days.More than that,the sense of denial coming from the Home Minister of this country was not only expected,but to some extent unacceptable.Turning a blind eye to the evils does not make the matter any less docile.An angry Naqvi thundered that if a person cannot survive without beef, he is most welcome to go to Pakistan.It seems that the BJP has some kind of nostalgia for the so called Land Of the Pure.

Giriraj Singh,whose physique can be matched with a Bollywoodi villain,dared the people who don’t want Modi as PM to go to Pakistan.The Prime Minister called a couple of politicians agents of Pakistan including a minister of the Union Government who came from Kerala.The statement that the half pant Minister of Parliamentary Affairs made is nothing but a self mockery of himself.The caviet being that Modi should be ready to meet a hibernated Congress breathing new life.

Perhaps,Naqvi is eyeing for the cabinet berth which he hopes will diffuse to him in the times to come. Najma Heptullah,already is nearing the expiry date required to be a Modi confidant in his cabinet. The ferocity with which Naqvi fired his arsenals,seems to be a very well crafted endeavour to climb up the peeking order of the RSS and the Sangh Parivaar. The Tamasha that this Government has shown will give a hard fight to Rahul Gandhi’s ordinance machismo.The beard is burning. Naqviji,Contact the local RSS cadre from UP.And don’t forget to invite me to your Home Return-sorry! Ghar Wapsi!


The Geelani dilemma and the Namo Compromise…

The AFSPA and Article 370 presented to some extent the antipodal ideologies which surround the demeanour of Amit Shah and Mehbooba Mufti. The cause of Kashmiri nationalism has a troubled past with the first Prime Minister playing an irresponsible role of sorts. Nehru it seems was too much inclined to buy himself a name when he himself participated in the Kashmir dispute-a digression from the rulebook. As,Sardar Patel played a pivotal role in integrating the entire country, the sensitive part of the north western frontier was left to the romantic, idealist and to some extent anglicised Motilal scion.

The change which was brought early this year as backroom negotiations under Ram Madhav finalised the bridge between the Hindu driven Jammu and Muslim driven Kashmir. But, the silver lining of such liberalism stood more as an incarnation of opportunism and power rather than inclusivity. The deal sealed between the two parties with absolutely opposite world views was great for photo ops.But just having sex does not necessarily bring platonic love.

The 3 month stand between the two parties is just a rude example of how blatantly power hungry the BJP has been.There was a certain grey bearded bachelor called Narendra Modi who called Kejriwal,an agent of Pakistan when the now side-lined Prashant Bhushan advocated for a Kashmiri referendum. But the same PM also called for the debate on Article 370.What unfortunately we see now is a quid pro quo vision shared by the Muftis and the Jitendra Singhs.The MOS with an absolute nonsensical view said that the deliberations on Article 370 has started. The Media furore against it was justified.

The traditional left leaning journalists suspected the right wing authoritative lurch which may succeed such a statement.But what was seen was not only unacceptable to the hardliners in the BJP,but was also satisfying for the anti nationalist elements breeding freely. The waving of Pakistani flags even yesterday was disturbing enough.It does suggest how the situation has exceeded the volatile situation half a decade back.The release of Masarat Alam during The Union Controlled Governor rule has further shown how miscalculative the trimurty of this Government had been.

The issue of Visa somewhat challenges national interest over humanity. What will a separatist do?-hold on to the principles of his life of being anti Indian or backtrack to visit his ailing daughter.The Indian Government has an opportunity of catching the separatist throat and reaffirm its faith towards making the almost defunct Shimla Agreement better equipped.#Patriotismforpassport is a social media trend today.For now atleast, the PM’s long visits can wait.

the hue and the cry………365 days(the Beginning)

The expectations of the people climbed up the ladder post the 2014 elections.The long drawn battle between a stereo typed Congress and a jubilant BJP had sealed the fate of the elections long back. Rajdeep Sardesai,the then Editor-in-Chief of the IBN Network had commenced the Election Tracker as early as July,2013 itself.Though it gave a slight edge of the NDA over the UPA,the rise of a third front seemed imminent.But the equations saw a rapid change as the chant for Modi was looming large on the BJP National Executive.

Troubled letters from the patriarch Advani and discontent shown by miniature coterie of yesteryear stalwarts and PM aspirants failed to stop the juggernaut that had already started rolling.The rest as they say is history. The empowerment of Modi as the chief of the election campaign and later in September as the Presidential candidate in a Parliamentary election brought out the best of the energy of the Gujarat CM with the riots being completely overshadowed by the charisma and enigma surrounding his oratory and punchlines hard to forget.

But that was the rhetoric of the elections.Now after spending 365 days under the rule of what Diggy Singh and Journo Kumar Ketkar(a habituated Modi Basher) call a N.R.I PM,one over the wallet can profess satisfaction to a great level.There is a certain perception that something at least is being done to empower and publicize the brand of India.Well India Shining was a similar brand built on the impulses of an young,aspirant India. Pramod Mahajan,at that point of time was the second in command to Vajpayee in many ways.

Nitish Kumar in an interview said

“The only time I was overconfident in winning elections was in 2004.Pramod Mahajan took me to a room.There was the technically superior components handling the elections of a globalised India.”

But history proved otherwise. The NDA faced a shock defeat with Vajpayee putting the blame squarely on Modi for the loss.So hype and PR exercises can also be detrimental for a public figure.This is something that Modi should be vigilant about in the future.The great number of MOUs being signed with foreign countries to me is a positive change.At last the people of this country feel,that they don’t have a lame duck government.But hysteria and hype many a times are shortlived.The astounding victory and the shock defeat of Indira Gandhi in 1972 and 1977 prove that.Hope the Prime Minister excludes such tendency,in case they prop up…..

How Kejriwal has defeated a cancer!!


RaGa described it as a cancer hard to cure.But somehow the deadly disease has stared to subside in the national capital as Arvind Kejriwal to some extent has proven that corruption can be controlled if u have the will. The soldier of the Aam Aadmi,as his fanatics tend to describe him as now at least seems to control the basic usp of the party still to be lost.The haftas and the bribes have stooped if not eliminated.The unholy nexus which many a times ties the knot between the power cluthes and the offcials create an unpleasant experience when you and I go to the officials for work.

The sensationalism and the hype being garnered to cut the hands of the Delhi Chief Minister is a stand not without reason.I deeply have great reservations about the clothes he wears and the muffler he bears,but a style statement as less costly as his can easily impress the expensive suit of the Prime Minister.But the helpline number seem to create a fear where even addicted officials are vowing for a deaddiction cause.The idea of swaraj budget may hold particular significance in the realms of the utopian world,but the basics of reality defies the stereo-typed reaction.

The recent case of Kejriwal’s daughter applying for a driving license only furnishes the fact how the age old norm of is undergoing a change of sorts.The eyes of the officials being directed to one’s cell phones only reinstates how a tough rod can eliminate the excruciating pain created by years of complete mismanagement. A person who bids goodbye to the luxurious life with great power as that of a civil servant,just look forward to a blind,obscure future deserves appreciation.A Naxalite called AK-49 has defied every standard rule the game offers.Narendra Modi once scoffed at the disproportionate coverage being given to Arvind Kejriwal.He asked a renowned editor “Will you give the same coverage to any other Chief Minister?”

What we tend to forget is,the situation under which a new born party less than 5 years old could spring a blinder for the entire political dispensation to envy at.The Jan Lokpal movement and its aftermath prepared the Congress in a way to ascertain its orbituary.The Anna-Kejriwal below the table face off and the rapt media attention it received also shows the after effects and side effects to be a pie in the media’s eye. The century old method of extremism and moderatism has somehow achieved a meeting ground with the arrival of the AAP.

The AAP model of Governance has somehow showed a spark of success in the city state of Delhi.But its methodology of anarchist politics and policies needs to be examined by the media-the watchdogs of the society. The recent phenomenon where India is not under obligation to vote for a political party as their true slaves has garnered this pace of competitive politics.The real accountability is derived from the power of the people.And the courage Delhi has showed in bringing about that drastic step of change is commendable.The political circus carries on…..


Its economy stupid!

The story of India somewhat has shown downward slides in the recent past.The surging economy of over 8% GDP faced a sudden backlash as policy paralysis gripped the centrestage with a somewhat Quasi blind executive lacking the clue or assertion to forbid the rotten egg.The lets go back to the control era type of caricature under Pranab influenced the country to an extent where the dwindling economy jumped into the ICU.

The retrospective taxation hit the bull’s eye as investors started to loose faith in the mechanism of Indian polity and scope towards investing large sum of foreign currency in a liberalized India.The close shove being the fact that Pranab was soon shifted to Raisina Hills and the incumbent home minister Chidambaram taking charge.Noted counsel,Harish Salve jumped into shoddy waters to protest against the retrospective taxation issue.

Harish said,‘If somebody today asks me whether to invest in India or not,I would say don’t”.Unfortunately,the top corporate honchos and bigwigs lacked such a composure or bravado to share the view.The corporates are always most unwilling to irk the Government of the day.The reason? Well,not too hard to guess,I guess!An Outlook report corrctly suggested the tone of appreciation always garlanded at the Finance Minister after the budget every year.

But the turn that the Indian economy taken post 2014 elections has been smoky but a thousand leaps ahead of the previous regime.You can feel a sense of thrill,when India today again is being presented in the word stage as a power of the present.The Modi charisma or enigma,whatever monologue one prefers to select, has given fantastic dividends in the first year of achche din.

Dalal Street and BSE-35 have again refunded the faith lost in the last part of 21st Century’s first decade.But somehow the revised GDP with added features according to a recent report paints the UPA economy with better colours than what it was thought out to be.The economic growth was perhaps 6.9% and not 4.9% as it was referred to be.Well,one can of course adjust such report with what MMS said in January last year.

Manmohan said, that History would judge him better than contemporary anaysts and commentators.The perception of the reawakening of the Indian growth has to be accorded to the present Government’s steps of no nonsense(excluding Godse sycophants like Sakshi Maharaj and Yogi Adityanath) and rapid application of rules requiired to boost up the financial progress.

The rewarding faith and belief in the present Government will only be encashed if the rich discrimination between the agricultural and the industrial economy be bridged on the first hand.India has been sharply demarcated between the east and west-between agriculture and industry.The two somewhat subverted economies can play somewhat a complementary role with agriculture still being the dominant factor.

Mechanisation of agriculture though not free from flaws,has a more positive influence from a retarded effect.An aspirational middle class is looking at the prospects of better employment.So a surging economy with an inclusive approach(to quote the Congress word) has the capacity to give a party rich electoral gains.Hence,politically,socially,rationally and not to mention financially,economy has a long lasting fragnence.To partially quote Surjeet Bhalla,its the economy stupid! which shapes today and tomorrow!

The Sino fear forces top gear…

The former RSS and present BJP ideologue Ram Madhav had acquired a PG degree in Political Science from the University of Mysore,Karnataka.The mirage of politics is shaped many a times by the splendour of cosmopolitan beliefs of accomodation.However,this incorrigible belief or ideal has little to do with the machineries of manipulation exerted freely by the engine of 21st century diplomacy.

Ram Madhav,the saffronised General Secretary has always assumed the fact that national interest and strict realist view make up the bitter candyfloss of foreign policy.China and India,in many ways build up a history of equality.Both the countries are ultra nationalist in their endeavours to flaunt their unique sense of identity and heritage.

Both the countries have a past of Western exploitation.The near same socialism has defined the mentality of Indian and Chinese Premieres in the opening decades of their salivation from alien rule.The only difference can be where as in China there is only a single Communist Party,the Indian socialists have multiplied themselves into at least half a dozen brittle pieces!

The Chinese dragon saw a giant leap from the reforms of 1979,where the rate of growth increased by about a number of multiples.The Indians stammering as they were,under a volatile Janata Parivar lost Morarji,a student of the typical American school of thought.He reportedly retorted to someone-I must stay in Indira’s cabinet.Otherwise,this woman is going to sell the country to the Communists.

India saw forced reforms 12 years later.The man now called or rather satired at as MMS brought about western reforms,underlining the fact that he was an economist of Fabian socialistic fragnence than competative capitalism practised by the Western republics.The dilemma of transition from the Swadeshi to the Videshi model was a stumbling block which arised out of the complicaton-a mentality woven out from the age old belief of class stuggle and scientific,forced atheism.

The Chinese agendum of the Deng Model was least an illuson and more a obligation to save Peking from the wrath of decreasing lust for Maoist beliefs.The open democracy practised by us and controlled authority thrust by the CPC defines in a number of ways the limits of toleration.The envelope of hope got deeply marred by Nehruvian pleasure in 1962.

The change in Chinese inner democracy has brought about the fore the image of Hong Kong.The region defined by Mao as a wrinkle on the back of China is opting for greater autonomy and better governance. Kashmir and Arunachal have always somehow itched the Chinese.And blatantly hypocritic as it may seem,the party of Sitaram has still not overcome the aura of Chinese worship.

In a epic humorous speech in Parliament by Pramod Mahajan,the Communists in India were branded as lifeless-inme(Communists) kuch to bacha nahin hain thundered the once PM potential Pramod.But the matrix of Communism in China is more than Pro Pak stance,rather it is a calculative decision to duel an emerging threat in the form of India.

The victory of Modi seems to play the blanket of below the belt jibes too well on Xi Jingping. The antiques of China in making Chinese Globes showcasing Arunachal, a part of China or making Kashmir an independent nation maywell be punched back from the other side.Forget ideology,but the country lacking popular sovereignty cannot digest the coming of US and India together.

The Nixon-Indira era has been a relic of the past.Realism dawns the evening of the present.No place for idealists and philosophers like me in this utterly vindictive world.Till then,let the symbolism of ephimeral romance continue on the banks of the Sabarmati……

eh ganpat chal daru laa….

The naysayers may agree,others may not-but the Salman Khan verdict perhaps opens newer bylanes to measure the barometer of justice.The parole of Sanju Baba agreed to minimum difference between the Fadnavis and Chavan rule.The momentum of justice has always produced a sense of dismay,especially for the common man who has to stand up in long queues to get a mild reminder of the next hearing.

Justice is a term of relation and relativity.The popular will or hunger for participaton may well sum up the trajectory of democracy.But the system in place provides little respite to make the idealist term more sacrosanct.A lawyer like Harish Salve has the record of defending heavyweights like Jayalalithaa,the Ambani brothers and Ratan Tata.I would harshly respect the view of Bollywood in this moment of crisis.Did not Dr. Prannoy Roy defend Barkha Dutt in the Nira Radia tapes?

The TOI group to great mayhem defended their indefensible but realistic remarks on Piku’s cleavage.Well,I am not promoting the film but demoting the irony of ultra idealism.Ajmal Amir Kasab was given every benefit of the legal procedures though there was never an iorta of confusion in the public or intellect eye about his role in the mass massacre.

The insensitivity being shown to the victims is by and large the biggest sense of irresponsibility that the system and its DNA can hardly imply.Racial aparatheid and justice defined the legal system of the British.Under the viceroyalty of Northbrook, in 1871 a law was enacted which took away the right of Indian judges to nullify the white skinned.In 1883 A.D,under the viceroyalty of a more liberal Ripon,this discriminatory act was intended to be done away with.

Sir Ilbert was given the task of concluding the works of the bill which came to be known as the Ilbert Bill of 1883.The civilized,well mannered whites were not ready to deal with a changed law of lesser priviledge.The exact notion of law is blind proved even then to be more of a farce than that of objectivity.The natural law of Darwin’s Survival Of the Fittest may have been showcased rather crudely by Abhijeet,whose  five minutes of fame did increase its length by a hundred hours.

The idea of justice seems to be little perpexing when Sita has to go for an agnipariksha just because of the typical male hormonal suspicion that she might have had sex with a more macho Raavana.The tearing of breasts by Hanuman is least scientific,but most idealist.However the monkey God does little justice to the baton of Non Violence by burning Lanka.

Today,there have always been examples which have given befitting replies to the powerful and muscular.Lalu Yadav,Jayalalithaa,Om Prakash Chautala,Sreesanth had to face the wrath of the law directly or indirectly.The perception of justice is a complicated one.The media hyper scrutiny never made a celeb case an ordinary one.The tag of speciality gives more weightage to Sunny Leone than Anu Aggarwal as an adult entertainer.

The Vodafone case acclaimed Harish Salve and the Narimans or Jethmalanis have ever been a subject far away from the common man’s perspective.The justification of manipulative justice wrests more on the palms of the judiciary than that of Salman Khan.If i have the advantage,I will take it-will say the powerful.But,it also displeases the real idea of justice and that of equality tabled in our Constitution.

Even Nehru by bringing in an amendment to Article 19 wanted to subvert the merits of journalistic integrity and presstitutional freedom.The idea of justice also hangs in shame as eunchs still face awkward public scrutiny while they walk or talk. The collision of hands sometimes is hardly beneficial in bringing about tremors.The idea of religious ethos and that of freedom of religion did hardly evangelize the idea of justice when non Muslims were compelled to pay jiziya.

The case of advantages and disadvantages are taken by every man-consciously or sub consciously.The glorification of the fact that justice nods to the direction of the wealthy is true and to some extent inevitable in the era of below the table deals.The idea of justice is a smokescreen created to fly the belief of principles,but overtaken by that of reality.Ganpat’s daru and the invisible nexus of the powerful only shows the basic human instinct of khud bachega to baap ko bachayega………