AAP-the bAAP of a bastard……..

When Arvind Kejriwal started to run riot on the issue of corruption, many had their eyes on the existing system of obstructionism-a paraaffin of redtapism and officiousness which bhrastachaar offers.2011 was a year of the modern day “Gandhi”-a short built man who shares Rajnikanth’s native name-Anna Hazare.Well really am a bit whimsical of the notion how all “Mahatmas” seem to flaunt very less hair on their body -to be more specific on their heads.In any case my hobby is not to judge density of hair on the chaati of Anil Kapoor or Narendra Modi.However not digracing from the issue further Anna in many case did accomplish the mission he set out to achieve.A party battling the absence of the Matriarch(reportedly in the US taking treatment of cancer) found itself in an uncomfortable honeymoon with a team lead by a 70+ husband.However as recent reports suggest Anna Hazare was only a face of the greater coterie clad strategists.An RTI activist popularly called mufflerman in the social paradise articulated each and every step of the larger socialist confrontation.Incidentally the movement embarked the arrival of social media in the inner dynamics of a complex nation.

The Chanakya of Indian politics in any way was having a tough time dealing with the country’s sliding economy.Just like the arrival of your wife when you are sleeping with your girlfriend, the absence of Sonia exerted surplus dependence on the shoulders of an ageing Pranab.The time was ripe for a mass resurgence as Arnab Goswami acted as a perfect stimulator.A kurta clad Gandhite sat on a safed manch with the image of Bapu only reinstating the composure of “persistence in truth” what we call Satyagraha.But someone from behind was sowing the seeds of electoral confrontation. The AAP was born with a mission of change and swaraj not arvindraj for sure.It seemed that at last honesty had found a father of his own.

As December 2013 approached most pollsters predicted a debut of substance for the AAP.The trend was right but the intensity was wrong. AAP came second to the BJP with a handsome 28 sits and eventually formed  government taking the support of a party whose Delhi CM was the main object of ridicule in Kejri’s campaign.The AAP enacted a referendum whose authenticity according to me is as baseless as Abbas-Mustan’s movies.The 49 day stint did elevate hope with every move of the Government scrutinised by the Lutyens Media.But then #bhagodabhai resigned.The nation became speechless.

Honesty it seemed again became an orphan.The Modi juggernaut crashed the party of hopes. According to the book of key Kejriwal leutenant,Ashutosh Kejriwal broke down and wanted to quit politics.Soon the role of Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav,both adored figures in their own fields subsided sceptically becoming the scapegoats of what should be a “collective” failure.The seeds of authoratarianism was sowed in the smokescreen of power.

But Arvind did now what nobody had “unexpected”. Come to the basics. It is true in every field whether you are not getting an erection or if you are not taking wickets as a spearhead spinner.He alleged horsetrading against the BJP and as usual had a paper in his hand (not toilet paper) along with a series of sting operations.Shazia Ilmi says that his political alma mater has an obscession about stings.Well technlogically advanced I must say!



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