Land and ordinance-the moment lacking definition

The Narendra Modi Government completed a splendid three nation tour a few days back.But in the world of agriculturalists,the tug of war on the Land Bill ordinance has created quite a furore.The momentary exhibition of the Politician called Rahul Gandhi is something the nation can be grateful for.

The jingoism of Kisan ka dard has been always used as an ideal edible in the traditional outset..The massive import of investments seen by the Prime Minister’s visit in Canada can make open minded Indians a bit more optimistic.However the FICCI has already showcased more impatience than a groom in the suhagraat.

Ratan Tata,himself a victim of the political onslaught regarding land and farmer rights has preferred to give more time to the Modi government.The grudge of the Congress on the devaluation of the rights of the more vulnerable section of the society reveals the lack of any introspection which allegedly Rahul searched for almost 2 months.

Diggy Singh once defined the Congress Party as a liberal,outwardlooking,modernist party.Anand Sharma,the UPA’s Minister of Industry and Commerce tried to bring all the parties in the hatchet,in support of FDI in retail.Call it an accident or sheer intension of opposing for the sake of opposition,the BJP revived the ideas of swaraj and swadeshi at that point of time.

The Congress just seems to replicate the role with great affirmation.The party which spearheaded the reforms of 1991 seems to fall back in the ages of regressive economy.The country is today harbouring a skilled but jobless workforce with unemplyment rates touching nearly 5%.

The Congress programme for inclusive development always focussed on progress for all sections of the society.The usp of the party of such inclusivity was cleverly usurped by Modi who gave the nada(slogan) of saabka saath saabka vikaas.The lack of lustre of the inclusivity of the Party was pre emminent when a jibe of Rahul Gandhi forced the Congress to widhdraw the ordinance which would have given Laloo a right to win a seat in the Lok Sabha.MMS and RaGa were possibly not on the same pillar of strength.Inclusivity?

The Land Bill of Jairam Ramesh was neither here nor there.As Singur has proved,that the opinion of semi literate people may very easily be manipulated without taking into consideration the general functionability of the step on the long run.With practicability being the ultimate determinant of general growth,harping on the values of unionism and satygraha are nothing but factors of an utopian reverie.

The 80% factor seems poised to play the spoiler,if the current logjam of indifferent political parties carry on the drama of obstructionism-an ideology mainly born in the post Nehru period.The Left should not have been so deterministic in its approach to the bill.The Singur acquirement would not only receive legal sanction but will also help a party of white hairs to take a more pragmatic stand.

But even the stand of Congress State Governments have been less than uniform.Hooda’s Haryana,Gogoi’s Assam,Virbhadra’s Himachal have presented their view that the consent clause should be brought down to 50% to 80%.The former Congress ruled Maharashtra as well as Kerala,Karnataka and Manipur had advocated for resticting the consent clause only for large projects.Inclusivity anyone?

The Jairam Ramesh bill may have dealt with ethical laws with utmost high handedness,but the utilising capability of the economy cannot be dealt with morality.Even the Mahatma who practised celibacy to commemorate ethical values did not show an iorta of morality to Subhas Bose in 1939.

The act in its present form(of the Congress) says that consent of 80% of the people who are dependent on the land concerned should be taken into account.I really am a bit disillusioned about how many people are asked for their views before promoters and contractors suddenly lift a flat on the field which till a few days back were playing fields for children.

Besides,the Congress passed bill provides not enough subways about the rehabilitation and resettlement of the evicted.The current government lays down regulation on the issue.Giving compensations to all the people including the landowners not only makes the bill paralysed but actually makes it rigid and inflexible to suit to the changing environment.

This moment of controversy is not only unwarranted but seems to portray a wrestling match where about a dozen parties take on the 56 inch ka chaati.Now will the climax  end like a hearty fight in hardcore porn or will India see another wrestlemania?Well,for that we better watch the ramifications the political spectrm offers!In any way the lack of definition this episode offers may make one intrigued for sure……….


Urbanised republic or ruralist democracy?

“lndia lives in her villages” -Mahatma Gandhi

The telling story of a changing nation has been the identity of India in the post liberalised segment.India still is largely the country of the poor or to be more specific the country of acute class divisions.

The Marine Drive of Mumbai largely showcases the boom of a burstling middle class.In the same state in Marathwada, farmers commit suicides to save themselves from the dwindling downturn of agricultural production due to unseasonal rain.

The basic criteria for deciding Human Development Index provides a 135th place for the world’s largest democracy,leading by 11 from archrivals Pakistan.Arnab Goswami can feel optimistic by seeing that India has atleast been able to defeat Pakistan!

The nature of urbanization has been for long a battle of contention.The lopsided presence of natural resources has only helped reasonably in providing inequitable progress in the country.Even the mechanism of internal trade or domestic barter has been unsuccessful in creating the greatest good for the greatest number(Jeremy Bentham).

While flipkart and Amazon have been the source of better employment,the middle and the elitist class have been the major benefactors.Pornography may have increased libidos but not rural employment for sure.The so called Left of centre parties have only considered the dairy traders and paddy cultivators as their loyal votebank.

But the general notion of Bijli-sadak-pani still guide majority number of elections in the rural economy. The women of villages whose physique may not resemble that of Alia Bhatt still endeavour to live a life of a ‘normal’ human being. 

While on the antipode,urban citizens strive for Wifi and 4G internet connection.The Indian Super League comes out as the general spokesman of Achche Din,but for people of huts good days stand for the time when they will marry off their daughters without dowry.

The Goverments in fact have only served the purpose of a charity organizations.Tax waivers and doles have been the bribe which is an offence whether consumed or given.The protracter of justice has only been biased to income strengths.

The Akhilesh Yadav Government paid ₹75 as an allowance to farmers who have been victims of the recent climatic agony.Am not too sure how many zeros were placed to the right of the two digit figure in the Saifai extravagence.

The crocodile tears being spoilt by the opposition on the issue of Land Bill is like Greg Chapell expressing remorse on the death of cricketian ethics.The democracy practised for roughly 68 years have seen about 100 amendments of the supreme law of the land.

The 42nd Amendment(1976) added the word socialist and secular in the Constitution.Embarking on the plank of Garibi Hatao,the Jawaharlal scion defeated the traditional coterie of syndicateraj-once a true firmanent of democratic Congressi culture.

But the dead,useless communist idea of complete state control blocked urbanisation as well as poverty eradication.The effects of such an abusive decision forced the traditional leftist Manmohan Singh or MMS to author a budget which will satisfy the lords of world economy.

The Panchayati Raaj which Gandhi advocated for most ruthlessly has turned out to be the basement of decentralized party politics.Bloodshed have only increased manifold in such local self government institutional elections.

66.5 crore people defecate in the open.On the discordant note,the hardware shops of the metros keep updating the up to date machineries and basins to be used in the bathroom.Home decoration is emerging as a thriving business in the miniature cocoon of the ocean of humanity.But none has still ben able to beautify the smoky mirror of the sacrosanct ruralist demography.

Today as we stand at the moment of transition in the era of Digital India,it is still an irony that the urban part of the country which is many a times indifferent to voting today sees greater progress than the rural belt which has always voted in much bigger numbers.

The hair style of Virat Kohli may optimise an urban outlook,but the bare nature of India’s more populous section demands greater attention than Deepika’s wardrobe malfunction.Urbanized republic still maybe the heart but ruralist democracy should not be treated as dirt…….



parliament and federalism-a farcical play

Devolution of powers to the local levels provide the safest transition to democracy.Gram Swaraj,which was the brainchild of Gandhi, aimed at greater popular sovereignty.The diversity of culture and evils of alien rule increased the thirst for a more aggressive popular participation.

The debate between presidential vs parliamentary systems of governance had always been a subject of argument,with a snooper government aiming for a latter form of administration.But still federal politics identified the role of a future India. But the greater sense of strength lay with the Union Government.

It is a bit like you are overshadowed by the whims and fancies of your big brother. The emergence of Nehru as the undisputed leader of the Congress and the Government made it amply clear that the post of the Prime Minister would be the most sought after engine in the coming decades.

The federal structure was initiated in India through the Montague-Chelmsford reforms of 1919. The subsequent acts prejudiced such a system when the Government Of India Act was passed during the tenure of Lord Willingdon in 1935.Inherently,the Indan constitution depicts the formation of Goddess Durga as key male Gods submitted their powers and weapons to the new Saviour of the Almighty.Similarly our law of the land presents an amalgam of key features of the constitutions of Ireland,Canada,USA and more importantly the British Convention.

But with the fading away of Lady Mountbatten-Nehru relation,the age of consensus expired. The role of regionalism and factionalism had gripped the Congress Party by then.As Helen danced away on the screens of Hindi showbiz the control of the Union Government became stringent.

The absence of social media and active television press did not forbid the politicians from engaging in pokes and poaching.Jagjivan Ram, left the Congress Party just before the 1977 elections.The power of federalism had reduced itself to the antiques of a realist democracy-not an idealist one.

The country once burstling with pride because of its ‘democratic credentials’ saw a complete descendence of rigged voting in Bengal in the 1972 state elections.The consensual figure which Nehru claimed he was,could not protect his usp as Federal Democracy was murdered and abducted in Kerala in 1959. The irony of the situation is that the Left which claimed to be the victim in both the cases mastered the art of rigging in Bengal.As one CPI(M) leader proudly said that in Kerala they kill the dissenters.

The Communists love sex and blood more than Priya Rai enjoys the art of blowjobs.The only great remorse I feel looking back at history of this time is the lack of a certain notorious,semi-handsome individual called Arvind Kejriwal.His moustached,small face could have posed serious challenges to the more traditional clout of kurta clad politicians.

As Mithunda’s dancing skills created quite a rage with Bappi da’s scintillating music,pariament saw the vindictive Shah Commission take charge of Indira Gandhi’s rule.Parliament,the temple of democracy had been reduced to a crash course of numbers.The art of giving same attention to each state got replaced by favouritism and bias by the then Congress regime.

The emergency of 2 years reduced the ideas of liberty,justice and equality that the Parliamentary Constitution provides.Lack of liberty manifested itself in the reduction of autonomy of the press,even as the Times Of India fairly agreed to the diktat.The Indira demand for a more pliant press seemed to have worked. Equality absolutely faced draught as opposition leaders and the apolitical JP Narayan were jailed.Parliament and its machinery could not control the changing form of Democratic Dictatorship-a term coined by Mao Tse Tung in undemocratic China.

The curse of federal structure did not end here-rather it only consumed itself even in the executive and judicial field.The ample scope of administrative control in the selection of judges has only furthered the process of shallowness of a federal and parliamentary democracy.Many Chief Ministers facing not a great rapport with the Central Government has only strengthened the picture of lack of cooperation-a necessary evil in an integrated but autonmous system.

Only 5 states today have bicameral pariamentary legislatures.The non state actors like human rights commissions and NGOs have been declared as 5 star activists.Voices of dissent are not being digested in parliamentary form of governance -which accidentally gives the rights to the people to question the government and governance.

With many members of Union and State legislatures having nothing much to do except scams and sprinkling pepper on the eyes of their colleagues,others prefer to watch intimate physical exercises on the floor of the house or rather talk about busty babes of South India.Those who have nothing to do doze off as important bill and rapes are discussed.

Federal structure on the other hand hears the cacophony of CM’s of parties not in power in Delhi crying foul and state leaders fighting in the capital for state packages and cut offs.The rise of regional chauvanism may have strengthened democracy and federalism,but it has failed to mobilize progress and eradcate lop sided growth.

Below the table deals and practical politics is the rule of the day.The issue of Cash For Votes Scam still remains largely unresolved.Self Served parliament blockades and logjams consume the major prtion of debates and delbrations.Quasi federalism,incompetent armoury of Parliament and provocative authoritarianism may well serve the purpose of tyranny of the majority.

The fiefdom of sycophancy……

The idea of flattering is not a new born child.Eulogies for centuries have served as the idea of symbolism of the world civilization.Even Surpanakha in Ramayana flattered Lakshmana who rejected the live together proposal,raging Ravana,thus setting the perfect backdrop for the battle in Lanka.Abul Fazl’s Akbarnama only reiterates the view of a sympathetic history with a biased eye.

It is neither correct nor plausible to build dams amidst the flow of history. So the view of the past,reviews the outlook of the present.Like, Kamasutra and Grand Masti can be tied in the same knot. This policy of flatters always comes to establish the bias of sycophancy.Whether Roger Binny gained a place in the Indian squad due to the glitz of bowing down is a topic of a larger elocution.Though experts like Sunny Gavaskar rejected the argument.

The idea of eltism looms large on a majority of conceptions-from the Bengal Renaissance to the ideals of the principal party which fought for the so called freedom of the country. The Communists and the Hindutva parachutes can claim greater accountibility on the issue of DNA superiority.But is it about stardom of capability or simply the science of being better known?

A senior Congress leader had tears in his eyes when Rahul  was coronated as the de facto commander of the Congress party in the pre 2014 elections.“Rajiv would have been so happy today!” Accidentally on the same day,in the post coronation speech Rahul alleged that the opposition sold combs to bald people (reading from a pre written text as usual).One could only humbly question how Rahul could talk about ecological diversity and massive industriaisation at the same point of time? The Jayanthi Natarajan episode only redirected the question of Rahul back to himself.Rahul it seemed sold ‘combs’ to the tribals of Orissa while the direction of his view moved in an antipodal position in the FICCI meet.

Actually sycophancy is not only about dynasticism-it is a wider concept containing several sub categories.Take for example- the tantrums of Poonam Pandey in front of the camera.Any pervert alike myself will not miss an opportunity to strip down in front of the busty babe.So sycophancy is essentially a relative term.It holds social,thelogical,cutural,hereditary as well as personal values.

The lust of politics is so damn in the persuit of power that Shruti Seth playing a role of an optimist to get candidature selflessly disposes herself off in front of Arjun Rampal who plays a powerful politician in Prakash Jha’s Rajneeti.It also provides a greater insight of high testerone levels getting eventually matched with higher ambition.Sycophancy again proves to be an incarnation of reality.

Interestingly when Sunil Gavskar is asked by the policeman in Kolkata’s Eden Gardens to show his identity card, sections of the establishment persue the identification process as a grave insult to a legend.Now is that not supporting the culture of flattery?Well there is a marked demarcation between disrespect and differentiation. When,an immigrant official of an intenational airport asks sexist questions to a woman which even Kim Kardashian will find uneasy to answer,it is also sycophancy-of objectivity of female body.

Sycophancy is closely related to class divisions.Both sociopaths and sycophants have a similarity.The two master the art of deception to its maximum intensity.Lets end on a lighter note.Virat allegedly wearing his gf’s pants also shower sycohancy of love.Hence the topic does get welcomed in one of the rarest instances.The world is full of the art of cosmeticism,sycophancy forms only a part of that shared living……..


The Dravidian culture-seclusion or distinction of belief?

Indian politics is considered not only overpopulated in terms of parties but also diverse in terms of magnitude.The history of the Indian civilization has always obscured the geography of the sub continent as a whole.But there is an exception-the Dravidian asmita of cultural superiority.The Cholas ruled a major portion of South India for not a time too short.

The South Indian Vs North Indian debate exceeds the despondency between Complan and Horlicks.Vidya Balan in India’s Most Desirable hosted by Simmy Garewal said

“..we South Indians would complete our holi early in the morning unlike the North Indians….”

Perhaps this ‘small’ anecdote is ‘large’ enough to further harvest a variation which affects regionally. The Madras Presidency was one of the three major presidencies the British affiliated from the natives.Pondicherry,not far away provided a cucoon for the French. This Deccan rivalry patronised the three Carnatic Wars.

Times have changed.Rational people neither consume unprotected sex nor do they share Mamata Banerjee’s cartoons via email.On a concordant note,bloody battles of the past now have insulated the role of political rivalry.The Dravida Munnetra Kazhgam emerged as the undaunted protector of Dravidian Civilisation in post Independent India.

C.N Annadurai and his DMK proliferated their demand for a separate Dravian state which basically eased the path for the advocacy of Dravidian freedom.The Congress was the party of dominance which was also uphelding power of the Union.The DMK faced a ban on the basis of charges of sedition.In the 1960s the ban was lifted as DMK was sworn to power in Tamil Nadu.

Gandhi applauded the role of Tamils like Thambi Naidoo in the Indian struggle for greater rights in South Africa.But the rich racist demagogue which Kumar Vishwas vomitted on Kerala nurses is not the only reason for Southern insularity.

History shows the overall progress of South India is better than the rest of the country. Kerala’s progress in literacy rates and age sex ratio is better than that of China on many counts.But factually on the contrary, only two South Indians till today has made it for the race of chief executive.They are PV Narsimha Rao and HD Deve Gowda.

Well is Dravidian aparatheid or self seclusion-which one makes the more convincing argument? Well with 57% of the PMs coming from a single state,specific regional aparetheid is out of question.Perhaps unlike the Hindu and Dhosa no other thing of the south has ever been of much of an appetite for North Indian politicians.

The wall called Rahul Dravid,though a Marathi by lineage exhibits that Dravidian aggression of self defence-the precursor of which was shown by Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan.The culture of the south cannot be considered just a traditional version of insularity.It also has to do with the general notion of regional political parties dominating the circumference of power.

Dravidian seclusion is an expired thought. The civilisation which gave us Narayan Guru and The Tirupathi pilgrimage can never be compared to the idea of insularity.But just like superstars of cinema have emerged as the heroes of the political dispensation eg: NT Rama Rao and MG Ramachandran-this does not give it an insulated outlook.Rather it shows the distinctiveness of many cutures-which provides the real jewel for sub continental diversity.

Stardom vs the art of acting

The Indian cinema has not only increased in bandwith but also has widened its wavelength in determining its content.Very few would have expected an off beat film like Shor In The City starring Radhika Apte and Tusshar Kapoor to stare at even an ephimeral financial success.But the outcome proved itself wrong.The critics not only applauded the attempt but also gave birth to a new solid footing of Indian showbiz.

Gangs Of Wasseypur with its sequel not only made Tigmanshu Dhulia the most sought after Khalnayak but gave wide recognition to the so called arthouse cinema deprived of the jewels for long.Kay Kay Menon expressed his reservations about the lack of reality and the emergence of superhumanbeings as heroes.

Stardom and acting have many a times shared a rapport of beef and pork with little homogenity.A Naseeruddin Shah has been for long being picturised as a monolith of Guru Dutt films.But when he shook his foot in the film Tridev with the song Tirchi Topi Waale even A.K Hangal would have reiterated his ‘vulgarious’ act in Shaukeens with pride.

Gulzar in one of his interviews stated that Sanjeev Kumar once told him in disgust after again being offered an aged man role 

“tumko yaar meri jawani dikhai nahi deti….”

But this perhaps is the rugged rule of the Indian film industry,where the image of a conveniently less actor may well be overshadowed by the action or reaction of stardom.Gulzar wrote Koshish starring Sanjeev Kumar and Jaya Bhaduri depicting the story of two deaf and mute people who fall in love with each other,get married and execute their life overcoming the impediments and difficulties.

The film released in the Rajesh Khanna dominated early 70’s which was still no blockade in serving Gulzaar and Sanjeev Kumar National Film Awards in 1973. Though,neither Jaya nor Sanjeev could bag an award in the 1974 Filmfare.Perhaps this accomadative example will serve as an ideal incarnation of the divide between populist and intellectual awards.

Though awards or state honours have long been manipuated by propagandist measures,something always sanctifies these ceremonies.As to others grapes are sour, many people for long has questioned the basis of such a justification.

Irrfan Khan whose Paan Singh Tomar redefined the utility of biopics in Bollywood has little functionability as a superstar.Accidentally this actor who produces perfect punchlines in Vodafone ads got inspired by the megaster of bollywood.At last, some compromise and reconcliation in not so somber sense.

Even in the south the eternal divide of superstardom vs intellegentisia has presented itself in the form of Rajnikanth vs Kamal Haasan. While Anna will rub off his sunglass and faunt his walking tantrums,the Dravidian society will go wild.But while Kamal Haasan who fits so generously in every role,never gets such a crazy parrafin of shouts and name callings.

Even in Bengal where artistic fervour finds true sense,there is always an astute demarcation between Mahanayak Uttam Kumar and the more box office averse Soumitra Chatterjee.

In conclusion stardom in many ways also enthralls shaili or style which always have been an X Factor hard to do away with.In the country of 33 crore deities,superstars are also considered one.Many pose seductive GQ shoots,but the one with most views is that of Mallika Sherawat!Acting is like standing in elections,stardom is winning them…………………

Vote and veto-the inner meaning of a democracy

Public participation and political equality-these were the two determinants of a participatory democracy authored by the forefathers. But the Constituent Assembly which turned the tide of firangiraaj itself was nothing less than a semi autocratic body. The Assembly which was the custodian for the making and unmaking of the country’s future was over dominated by the law prescriptioners.

Indians generally express angst against two things nowadays-on the exposure of rigid mentality in India’s Daughter and on the character of lawyers.Well,till the time Kapil Sibal fight cases for Mamata,you can’t count them as unjustified.14% of the population voted in electing the members of the supreme constitution making body.

Unfortunately,it were the members of Nehru’s party who advocated for a Constituent Assembly based on universal adult franchise. The people who nowadays blame Narendrabhai for not keeping the promise of getting black money back must also turn their heads a bit.

So the fate of a democracy was upheld by a minority coterie of representatives led by the future head of state,Rajendra Prasad.These people including Babasaheb Ambedkar could not really claim the confidence of the people.The cause of democracy championed now by the party of the Emergency seems to be like Yo Yo Honey Singh advocating for making ghazals compulsory in Sunny Leone songs.

The democracy we live in today also benefits little to the masses who land in long lines for the sake of solving their cases.Sajid Khan may make four more sequels of Humshakals,but the matter of Singur will still hang at the footnotes of law.Kishoreda may date a thousand more girls,but still sakshi maharaj will stay a bachelor!

What Sanjay Raut said today is offensive not from the view of liberals,but from the outlook of justice.Vetoing the mechanism of popular sovereignty has always been the order of the day. So why deny the rights of a paarticular religiious community? For the sake of uniform code lets commence a Tsarist rule.As Bal Thackeray once said, people only matter before elections,not after.So lets convert this country of Bose,Nehru and Gandhi to that of Hitlerian dictatorship!

Jay Maharashtra!

Shobha De zindabaad!