Whose mandate is it anyway???

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Vir Sanghvi is undoubtedly one of India’s finest journalists.His flow of the pen along with the aptitude makes his ‘remaked’ book an interesting page turner.The book seldom misses out on key objectives and pours in subjectivity-a trend TVs journalism fails to follow. The 1971 Elections according to Sanghvi’s book is a watershed moment.well I do disagree there.For me the watershed elections has to be 1967 which dawned a new cauldron-the decline or mass rejection of crony syndicatism and rise of ‘Goongi Gudiya’.but the 1977 elections part misses out the muted change with Jagjivan ram’s departure-another watershed moment.the Rise of Sanjay Gandhi also magnifies the captivating sycophancy of the so called party of democrats.The Vajpayee era is also captured with great intuition.The book also sees the paralysed 1990s and the hick ups of the Mandal Masjid era.The author truly analyses facts not like a subalternan or a Marxist or a rightist…

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4 thoughts on “Whose mandate is it anyway???

  1. Kejriwa is too small and too immature to look at him as a thinker or a man of vision. e.g. He has asked the people to ask to make a call on a number if they have a recorded proof where a gvernment official has demanded a bribe. It is not the public but it is only the gvernment who can introduce a system to eleminate corruption. Kejriwal had wroked as Income Tax Commissioner, but he had no vision as to how to catch hold a builder from making black money.


    1. Thanx smdave ji for commenting.He represents clean politics-this was his usp.Now after seeing the fate of Prashant and Yogendra his credentials face steep challenges.Well you can’t call him a leader with an obscured vision after the fate of his colleagues for sure!

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